Monday, March 31, 2008

My First Blogging Experience

My First Blog. I've written down 3 words and already have writers block... give me a few minutes and i'm sure i'll think of something to say (apparently, i always do!).

New to this blogging think (i always have been a little behind the curve), I finally decided that i'd go for it - and not get stuck on the fact that i can't imagine why anyone would care what i have to say... If nothing else, I can use it as more of a diary (without the sordid secret details, of course)!

That said, I know i'm supposed to write about the epiphanys that i had today - and the groundbreaking knitting ideas i had. But, to be honest, I'm a little embarrased to know that people will be reading the way my goofy brain works... maybe i should put up a picture of my neighbor instead of me - and then people will think it's her goofy brain!

Sidetrack - our dogs (see photo above) are constantly wrestling. Is this normal? Right now, as i type, Wiley (the shepherd) is wagging his tail and trying to get Buddy to wrestle with him. He takes a few steps forward and pounces a bit - then gives a goodnatured growl. Buddy must be tired today, cause he's not falling for it. Dogs... Am i the only one in the world that just can't get enough of them? Of looking at their photos - and giving them pets? If they were small enough, i'd put them in my pockets and take them everywhere with me. I guess that's the theme of this first blog - that i love my dogs and that they are a HUGE part of my life.

I gotta say - this blogspot application is amazing! I had no idea you could add video (there's one of the dogs below) - and lots of pictures - and change the colors and fonts of every little piece. I've only been "blogging" for 10 minutes and already love it! And i'm excited to share parts of my life with you over the next few years - I can't wait to tell you all about our house (how we got snow last night - March 30th), our dogs (wiley loves stuffed animals and Buddy loves the tennis ball), our recent life-changing trip to Alaska, my wonderful grandfather (my best friend for most of my life, he lives in Virginia and i get to visit him 2 weeks every year - i'm so lucky), and ... last, but not least, the craft and business that has changed my entire existence: JimmyBeansWool.Com.
Stay tuned - there's more to come!