Friday, August 22, 2008

End of a Long Story Short?

It's been 7 weeks since that fateful fall into the bush.

7 weeks = 49 days. With a hole in my leg.

Yes, i still have a hole in my leg. And yes, until yesterday, i was still on antibiotics ... 26 pills total.
(Of course, now that i have a case of the hives, they told me that i've likely developed an allergy to the pills). The good news is... we now know why my leg refused to heal.

Disclaimer: don't read this if you get grossed out.

ok...apparently... when i fell on that bush, the end of the branch broke off inside of my leg. An entire inch of it! Let's just say that, on tuesday, the branch started to make itself known ... so we went to the doctor (they let me in immediately w/o an appointment - it was great!) and then yanked it out of my leg (after they fileted my leg, of course). Uncomfortable? Yes. Liberating? You betcha! It feels like i have lost about 10 pounds. I'm not joking - i was almost in tears, I was so happy to know why i wasn't healing... and so happy to know that the end really is in sight this time. i'm so happy and relieved right now - i barely even notice the hives that i've had since tuesday night. :)

anyway, that's the end of a long story... abridged. and yes, i do have photos.

I am so ready to get back to my normal, inspired, energetic life. I never realized how much a lack of running and exercise could bother me. Just ask the girls at the store... for the last 7 weeks i've been grouchy, depressed, sensitive and just a real.... um, stick in the leg.

But i'm back! And i'm ready to have the best Fall of my life. I'm going to run and play and knit my heart out (check out my panda silk dk gloves) ... and i simply cannot tell you how excited i am about some of the new stuff we're receiving over the next few weeks (new artyarns - regal silk, beaded mohair and sequins and more!), della q, indie dyer, and lornas colors). In fact, i spent a good part of last night casting on and ripping out - trying to settle on some fun socks for doug's dad (since i only have 2 fingers left on the gloves, i figured it was time to start on something else). My camera just died this morning, otherwise i'd show you what i settled on: socks knit 2 at a time using the CPY Maizy (1 row of nightshades and 1 row of taupe). I thought he might get a kick out of socks that were knit from corn fiber... being from Wisconsin and all. I'll show you a pic once my camera comes back to life! And let me just tell you, i am seriously impressed with Melissa's book (the 2 at a time socks)... she makes it look so easy! It's really the first knitting book that i've actually started to read - i love it!

Well, i'm off to take the dogs for a short walk... It's funny - Buddy doesn't seem to be staying as close to me these last few days - before, when i would run a few steps, he would immediately chase after he was playing fetch with my leg or something.

Ok, i'm making that part up :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's done!

Finished the hood last night while watching the olympics and nursing MY OTHER LEG!
Yes - i took the dogs for a walk behind the house yesterday and caught my right shin on a fallen log ... it started bleeding immediately. i think i should stick to walking on the roads. What a summer :) The good news is, to make me feel better, we ordered dominos (it's the ONLY place in town that will deliver to our house - it's quite the treat).
Anyway, i sewed the buttons on this morning while doug made coffee. I sewed them on with mint flavored dental floss, so now my fingers smell nice and fresh :) I'll figure out the afterthough-button holes tomorrow (gotta run to reno now). This photos is a better representation of color 574, the color i used. Cute, eh?
Oh - just got off of the phone with Cheryl from Cherry Tree Hill. The Indie Dyer is going to dye some more sock yarn for us today - and i got to make color requests (i like pink, brown, and green!). She's dying up some Possum Laceweight (superwash) and also their Supersock Select Yarn ... in custom colors just for us. I'm so excited!! The supersock select is supposed to be super duper soft - the lowest micron count you can find (or something like that ... i'm not really sure what that means... haha). Anyway, now all i can think about is getting that yarn in the shop - the anticipation drives me crazy sometimes!! Ok - off to reno... (after i have a few leftover slices of my cheese pizza... )

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quickest Vest in the West!

Sometimes knitting for kids just makes me feel better. Still on the mend (and on a fresh course of antibiotics), i've been a little sad lately - and needed a pick-me-up. What better than the new Saphira! On the way out the door sunday night (doug and i spent the day in reno shipping packages - it's been busy!), i took 3 hanks of the new machine-washable Saphira home, as well as a copy of Diane's pattern, #271. In the hour drive home that night, i almost made it up to the armholes... talk about instant gratification :)
The pattern calls for putting in a zipper, but i don't know how to sew (doug is the seamstress in the family - he has sewn beds for both Buddy and Wiley)... so i also threw a pack of little Car buttons in my bag. Only problem? The pattern doesn't give directions for where to put the buttonholes!
Oh well - jeanne told me that i could cut buttonholes later ... once i figured out where i wanted them to go. So that's what i'll do tonight - after finishing the hood... and if it turns out ok, i'll write about it in the next newsletter... i can't be the only one that doesn't know how to do this, can i??
Off to start the newsletter - and then maybe take the dogs for a walk :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Busy, busy, busy.....phew!

Like Laura said below we have been busy! Between the new shipments of yummy yarns and keeping up with your orders out there; it has been a bit crazy. Today Ashley and I (Jeanne :) built more cubes to help display and store all the new yarns. It can be a hot tedious job to use the rubber mallet on those darn cubes! Sheesh, I had to get Sandy to help me hold them on one side and use the mallet on the other side. So as the day went on we got a bit silly and tired, and then silly again. Here is the 'Possum Posse' taking a bit of a yarn nap, Z Z Z Z...
THEN Jeanne tried to take the blanket from Sandy and a yarn war broke out!
Don't worry no blood was shed or yarn hurt during this war. Just laughing and fun, but alas it is time to get back to fondling all this lovely new yarn! I am going to take home some of the Terra tonight and knit some swatches for a tank for my daughter. Shhhh it's a secret...happy knitting to all and to all a good swatch.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finished Socks, OCD, Healing Leg, and More...

Oiu! These have likely been the busiest 2 weeks of my life. Ok, at least of the summer... or maybe just the busiest in July, but either way, i'm exhausted. Good thing the exhaustion set in after i finished my Misti Alpaca Socks. I know, i know... i can't believe it either - i finished 2 socks in less than a month - AND they match AND they fit! Wonders never cease, eh?? (Please forgive me for being so proud of myself).

So, what's next, you ask? (Ha ha - as if you all just sit around and wonder what i'm knitting on... ). Well, since you asked... :) We got a shipment of discontinued Handspun Cashmere 2 weeks ago - and i'm just dying to knit with it (it's 1/2 off and here's the video review!). When else will i allow myself to spend $$ on enough 100% cashmere to make a sweater? Probably never. I'm thinking of just grabbing 10-15 balls right now and putting them in my stash, except that 'stashes' really stress me out. There's something about my personality (control freak?) that doesn't like it when i have yarn sitting around with no definitive purpose. Along the same lines, i've been begging doug to get my a label maker for my birthday, but he's TERRIFIED that i will start labelling everything in the house. Um, his fear is not irrational - i can already see all of the cupboards with labels like "small glasses", "tall glasses", "margarita glasses," etc. Oh boy. Anyway.... i'm not sure if i'll garner the guts to take home a few bags, but i'll definitely keep you posted.... For now, i'll just keep plugging along on the Soft Linen Hoodie.

In happier news, my leg has healed 2/3rds of the way! It's possible that my doctor's visit yesterday will be my last one... we took the final packing out on Saturday (after 21 days!) and are trying to let it heal. the hole is still an inch deep, but the doc finally confesed to me yesterday that it had gotten to 3 inches deep! That is insane (and pretty daggone gross). And... the best news is... she cleared me for running again. So - after i finish sharing my thoughts, i'm taking the guys (buddy and wiley) out for a run behind the house. Yay! Hopefully it will be healed enough in the next 7-10 days that i can start getting in the hot tub again. We're not taking any chances with infection again, though - and are keeping it as clean as possible. We're thinking about taking a vacation to mexico in september (anyone been to playa del carmen?), so i want to make sure i can actually swim in the ocean.... and heaven knows we need a vacation (actually, i think the girls at the store want us to take a vacation more than anyone... hmm... i wonder if they're planning on having some sort of party while i'm away?? i'll have to watch them closely :)).

Oh yeah - we have 130 videos up now! Here's one with our new Alpaca friend, Morris... off to go for a run (i'm supposed to be taking today off...)