Quickest Vest in the West!

Sometimes knitting for kids just makes me feel better. Still on the mend (and on a fresh course of antibiotics), i've been a little sad lately - and needed a pick-me-up. What better than the new Saphira! On the way out the door sunday night (doug and i spent the day in reno shipping packages - it's been busy!), i took 3 hanks of the new machine-washable Saphira home, as well as a copy of Diane's pattern, #271. In the hour drive home that night, i almost made it up to the armholes... talk about instant gratification :)
The pattern calls for putting in a zipper, but i don't know how to sew (doug is the seamstress in the family - he has sewn beds for both Buddy and Wiley)... so i also threw a pack of little Car buttons in my bag. Only problem? The pattern doesn't give directions for where to put the buttonholes!
Oh well - jeanne told me that i could cut buttonholes later ... once i figured out where i wanted them to go. So that's what i'll do tonight - after finishing the hood... and if it turns out ok, i'll write about it in the next newsletter... i can't be the only one that doesn't know how to do this, can i??
Off to start the newsletter - and then maybe take the dogs for a walk :)

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