Luck of the Irish: Keep From Getting Pinched This St. Patrick's Day With These Yarns From Rowan

Now that St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, we're getting in the spirit with our knits and one of our favorite UK brands, Rowan! 

In Celtic folklore, the Rowan tree is one that is sacred, offers protection and it is said that the first woman came from Rowan. It was so sacred to Celts, that it was forbidden to use any part of the tree other than for sacred ceremonies. Often times, these trees were planted in cemeteries to protect the deceased from evil spirits and planted near entryways to protect from misfortune.

Image: The Present Tree

To top it all off, the Rowan tree is associated with one of Ireland's patron saints, St. Brigid of Kildare, who is the Celtic patron of many things including spinning and weaving!

We've rounded up our top five favorite green yarns from Rowan so you can knit yourself something to keep you protected from getting pinched this St. Patrick's Day!

Top Five Favorite Green Yarns From Rowan
Rowan Handknit Cotton Kaffe Fassett Limited Edition - Lizard

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