Monday, April 30, 2012

A wedding shawl...

I am knitting my daughter Shelly a wedding shawl!! Shelly got married in November to her super husband Rory, but I didn't have a shawl for her to wear, so we are having a reception this summer and that gives me time to make one now..I am one happy Mom!!

As you can see the ceremony was out doors (boy did they luck out on the November weather) by the Truckee river. It was a very special immediate family only affair and beautiful!

The simplicity of the wedding made for a truly elegant experience!

 This is the perfect summer shawl!
Since I had so much fun with the Sun Catcher Shawl Mystery KAL by Iris Schreier I decided to jump on board with the May Day Shawl KAL. I am using Ensemble Glitter Light in color 184 and the first portion of the pattern will be sent to me tomorrow!! Yipppeeee!!

I can't wait to cast on and work on this beautiful shawl. I can't say enough about this yarn and you can read about my Sun Catcher Shawl here. I used the regular Ensemble Light, as well as the Beaded Silk and Sequins Light for the edging.

Working with this amazing yarn is a real treat for my fingers and since the yarn is soft and slippery I will be using wooden needles. Point protectors will also be a must! I have no doubt that this project will be hard to put down...sigh boy do I love Artyarns!!

As always happy knitting, crocheting and sewing!


P.S. Have you heard about the Stitch Red Campaign for Heart Disease Awareness? Check it out at!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Crochet Corner with Dora Ohrenstein

Welcome to our new twice monthly Friday feature "Crochet Corner" with Dora Ohrenstein! We are so excited to have Dora working with us to bring all kinds of interesting and relevant crochet information to all of the crochet enthusiasts here at Jimmy Beans Wool. We hope you'll join us back here every other Friday in the "Crochet Corner" and please feel free to send feedback or crochet topic suggestions our way! Without further ado, we give you Dora Ohrenstein!

A Little Bit of History and Some Crochet Mythbusting

Stunning Irish Crochet
circa 1910 from
We lovers of crochet find working with hook and yarn to be a very satisfying endeavor. We get all excited about discovering new techniques, trying a new stitch or project. We also turn to crochet because it's so calming to feel the rhythm of one's stitches, and feel the texture of yarn and hook working smoothly and harmoniously together, as a lovely fabric unfolds from our busy fingers. 

Irish Crochet wedding dress,
from the UK Knitting and
Crochet Guild's Collection.
The only less than marvelous thing about being a crocheter today is how often we still encounter certain myths and stereotypes about what crochet is and what it can do. Oh the pain of being told that crochet is too bulky for garments, only good for afghans, and not suitable for fine yarns and fibers. PUH-LEEZE!  Let's put all those myths to rest forever.

Look at the history of crochet, and how it was used. We really don't know when it was invented, but textile scholars have been unable to find any surviving samples nor any written references, older than mid 19th century. I find it quite plausible that crochet began at that time, though more basic slip stitching technique is probably far older. Knitting, on the other hand, has been around since medieval times, but crochet had a totally different origin.

Another item from the UK
 Knitting and Crochet
Guild Collection, a 1940's blouse. 
Capitalism in 19th century Europe gave birth to a rising middle class, and consequently more leisure time for women.  Needlework of all kinds was not only popular, but considered an essential skill for the marriageable young women, who was also expected too play the piano, dance, and sing, all ways to display cultivation and femininity. The ladylike arts included embroidery, tatting, macramé and a host of other crafts.

Modern Antimacassar (or doily)
made in Albania in 2006
Several highly skilled needle artists in Britain were responsible for popularizing crochet, among them Madame Riego de la Branchadiere, Cornelia Mee and Frances Lambert.  They published hundreds of crochet patterns, featuring, quite naturally, items that reflect the tastes and lifestyles of the Victorian home:  shawls and hats, lace collars and antimacassars. Now what exactly is an antimacassar, you may well ask. Macassar is a place in Indonesia where a certain type of oil was produced that men could use to manage their hair. The antimacassar was placed on the upper part of a chair to keep the oil off the furniture. Artful lacy antimacassars were a sort of precursor to the doily. All the crochet done at this time used very fine cotton or linen -- to see this work today is to be amazed at the delicacy and expertise mastered by Victorian hobbyists!

1975 design by Lillian
Bailey published in
Design Crochet,
edited by Mark Dittrick
So, just how and when did crochet become associated with clunky and bulky? Even as late as 1960's, gorgeous crochet lace and chic garments were being published in magazines. Yet, at that time, one hundred years after the Victorian explosion of needle arts, most women found themselves with less time than ever. Having it all - a job and family -- meant having very little time for anything else. Many women could not take up hobbies until their nests were empty. If there was some time for knitting or crochet, it was scarce. In response, yarn companies began to focus on heavier weight yarns, which crafters could work up into projects quickly and easily.

The problem is, crochet with bulky weight yarns can produce some very useful items, but may not be the most refined way to show off the craft. The beauty of crochet is really showcased with thinner yarns. The finer yarn you use, the more elegant your crochet can be.

Beau Blazer from "Custom
Crocheted Sweaters" by
Dora Ohrenstein
I don't mean to suggest that bulky yarns have no place in crochet world - oh no! There is nothing I'd rather wear on a cold day than a snug crochet hat made of worsted or bulky yarn! But, I do believe that the few decades where most crochet projects were shown in heavier yarns may have led to this misperception of crochet and all of its marvelous possibilities.

Thank goodness, we have so much more to choose from today!  A browse through the pages of this site yields a veritable feast of yarns in a vast array of weights and fibers.  Today's great designers, like Doris Chan, Kristen Omdahl and many more whose names are less well known, show how glorious crochet can be. The times they are a-changing, and that makes me so glad to be part of the new world of crochet!

We'll be busting a few more crochet myths in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, let me leave you with my crochet tip of the day:

DORA's TIP OF THE DAY:  Often I hear this dilemma when it comes to gauge: "I can match stitch gauge, but my row gauge is too small."  Here's what to do: make your stitches taller by drawing up the first loop of the stitch to the height of 1/2".  This is especially true for double crochet stitches, but will also work for any stitch - give it a try and you'll see what I mean!


Dora Ohrenstein is an author, designer and writer whose most recent book is CustomCrocheted Sweaters: Make Garments that Really Fit. Her website is a great source for articles, interviews and techniques, and she teaches online crochet classes there too.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

JBW Spring KAL Week 2 Update and more prizes!

Welcome to week two of our spring KAL for the Goodale Cardigan! I hope everyone’s projects are cruising right along without any issues. I’ve had just a few questions so far, but it seems like a lot of the issues are being cleared up over on the Ravelry thread. Everyone has been so nice and forthcoming with their tips and tricks, it’s so much fun to see everyone helping each other out over there!

The start of something Good-ale. :)
I was actually able to make some pretty good headway over the weekend and now have about 5” of the yoke done (I am desperately trying to finish a baby gift by next weekend and toggled back and forth between the two projects all weekend, otherwise I would have gotten a bit further.) I really truly love this Cascade Venezia Sport though and couldn’t be more happy with my yarn choice! It’s so silky, smooth, and so soft on the hands when knitting that I hardly want to put it down! It glides so easily off the needles and has just the right amount of silky sheen. The stitch definition is absolutely amazing as well and I know that my finished Goodale is going to become an immediate wardrobe favorite!
A view of Jeanne's full project in
Tosh Pashmina- Alizarin

The only complaint is that the blue dye left a little residue on my hands after knitting for a couple of hours.  I think that is normal with these rich saturated colors, and will just be really careful when soaking and blocking to get as much of it out as possible so that it doesn’t bleed on my clothes. I might also try and set the dye a bit more with a small amount of vinegar as I read in this blog article. I am pretty confident that this will do the trick.    

Jeanne is using the increases
specified in the pattern.
One of the biggest debates I am seeing so far in the Ravelry group thread is in regards to the raglan sleeve increases.  In the pattern, Cecily uses a k1-r/b increase which gives a nice and tidy increase.  Now, if you have a particular increase you like to use or prefer, I don’t see why you can’t substitute and do that instead.  I personally prefer the look of a M1R and M1L increase on either side and have adapted my sweater that way. I recently had the pleasure of taking a top-down sweater class from Diane Soucy of Knitting Pure and Simple, and learned that of all of the increases, this one is my favorite both visually and in execution. I think this preference is different for many folks so follow your heart!

Leanne's Goodale in Frog Tree
Pediboo, so soft!
Lastly, the kind folks over at Cascade Yarns sent me some Cascade Venezia Sport to share with you all! In addition to the fabric giveaway for the roll call, we will also be giving two winners each three skeins of the Venezia Sport in the color of your choice!  That means there will be three winners total!

Three skeins are actually enough to knit up to a size 45.25” bust Goodale sweater, or use it for another fun project. In all, this yarn is awesome!  If you haven’t added yourself to the roll call for the KAL yet, please do so in last week's blog post if you’d like to be in the running to win some of these fabulous prizes for participating! I’ll announce the yarn winners in the Week 5 blog post so be sure to enter by May 15th at Midnight (Pacific Time).

Thanks everyone for tuning in this week, and for joining us on this adventure!  We’ll see you next week with a guest post from Goodale designer Cecily Glowik MacDonald!

Happy knitting,

Friday, April 20, 2012

Flat Maddy Friday!

One of our long-time customers recently e-mailed us the sweetest little picture of her new friend "Flat Maddy".  Flat Maddy is a self-portrait drawing of actual girl Maddy who is participating in a school project based on the childrens book "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown.  The Flat Stanley Project is used in many schools to teach reading and writing but also to get kids excited about those subjects.  We think this is awesome and wish Girl Maddy and Flat Maddy the very best in their adventures! Thanks Jenn for sharing her with us!  Flat Maddy has now officially visited and played in the yarn at Jimmy Beans Wool! :)

For those of you out there who might be new to knitting or crocheting like "Flat Maddy" and would like to learn, here are a few of our how-to videos so that you can get started! To learn, all you need is some worsted weight yarn, either knitting needles or a crochet hook, and a positive mindset!

Knitting- How to Cast On Stitches:

For how to Knit after you've cast on, view our English Style and Continental Style videos at the provided links. Pick the way that is easiest to you!

How to Crochet:

Happy knitting and crocheting and we hope you all have a great weekend!!

-Kristen & the Jimmy Beans Wool Team

P.S. Have you heard about the Stitch Red Campaign for Heart Disease Awareness? Check it out at!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

JBW Spring Knit-a-Long Kick-off and Roll Call!

Hello everyone! The JBW Spring KAL/SAL is finally here! We are so excited to get started! For those of you just tuning in, we are knitting the Goodale Cardigan by Cecily Glowik MacDonald. You can read all of the KAL/SAL details in last week’s post.

The response to this KAL on Ravelry so far has been huge! I am so thrilled to have so many of you join us in this KAL! At last count, four of us “beans” are participating as well: Jeanne, Terry, Leanne, and myself so I’ll share our projects with your as we go along!  I’ve got pictures of Jeanne’s, Terry’s and my starts to share today. Jeanne is cruising so fast already! I’ll need to work hard to catch up!

Jeanne's beautiful Goodale in Tosh Pashmina- Alizarin

So far, the pattern is going great! I was surprised at how easy the i-cord edge was once I got going! I don’t know what I thought it was going to be like, but it’s definitely a cinch!  Thanks to Jeanne who told me, “Just follow the directions literally and don’t over think it and you’ll be fine.” I’ll pass that same advice onto you all.  Seriously, you can do it.  

Look ma!  I'm knitting a sweater!
The Cascade Venezia is a dream
to work with and my new needles
aren't bad either!
I used this project as the perfect opportunity to try out the beautiful Ebony Wood needles that Sharon from Lantern Moon gave me during her recent visit to Reno. Thank you again so much Sharon, I love them!  Also, the beautiful beaded stitch markers were a gift for joining the Among Friends Yarn Club with independent hand dyers Sincere Sheep and Knitted Wit. There were just enough markers for this project and they are so pretty to look at while I'm knitting! 

Some of you have also already gotten started too and I encourage all of you to post project pics on the Ravelry Group. We love to see photos! I know for me it’s a great motivator. I'm going to work on it heavily in the next week so I can get you all some good progress pics too!

Here is Terry's project as well, she's using Jagerspun Heathers 2/8s Wool from her stash:

Although this is a fingering weight yarn,
when it is blocked it blooms
 to the perfect fullness!
Another thing to remember, I am available at any time to help with patterns.  You are welcome to join in the conversation on Ravelry at any time and have the group help you out or if you’d rather, feel free to e-mail me directly at:  I am always here to help out and if I don’t know the answer, one of our other beans will!

Lastly, you may all have heard about the SAL portion of the KAL. Once again I just want to remind you that it’s not required you do the SAL to participate, we just thought it would be super fun to throw in a twist! I hope it will be a good excuse for many of us to dust off the old sewing machines!  

This is the super cute and simple skirt we'll be making from Brett Bara's book- Sewing in a Straight Line:

1-Hour Skirt
To help encourage some more sewing action, we are going to do a give-away with this KAL/SAL roll call!  The winner will receive 2 yards of a fabric of their choice from our website--enough to make the 1-hour skirt by Brett Bara that we’ve chosen for this SAL. To be eligible to win you must do two things: 1) participate in the KAL, 2) post a comment here to let us know what yarn you are knitting your Goodale with.  I’m going to leave this giveaway open until May 15th at Midnight (PST) for anyone who wants to join us late.  On Week 5 of the KAL/SAL, the week before we start to sew our skirts, I’ll randomly pick a winner and announce it!  
Thanks so much for joining us here and I look forward to knitting-a-long with you the next six weeks. It’s sure to be a lot of fun! We’ll be back next week with updates and stay tuned for guest blogs from both designers-- Cecily and Brett!  We are so excited to host them both here!

As always, Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So much news!!!

Huge awww factor don't you think??

We have had so much going on around here that as usual I don't know where to start! I guess the beginning would be the best place and that is to show off our newest little bean, Penelope Harper!! She was born on April 2nd, weighed in at 7lbs 15oz and was 20 1/2 inches!! Welcome to the world Penelope and CONGRATULATIONS to Bethany and George!!

Huck was a little tentative (chickens bite)

In other news, I got to take Huck to see my daughter and son-in-laws (Shelly and Rory) urban farm and he had so much fun!  He fed the chickens and asked lots of questions about plants, and the greenhouse. Of course Shelly and Rory enjoyed having him visit. After the farm adventure we went to The Discovery Museum and did all kinds of stuff!! We camped, flew a plane, road a horse, fished, went through some caves and climbed this amazing structure in the center of the whole was a blast! Of course he didn't want to leave when it was time, but in the end I won that small skirmish. Ha ha!!

I need my space to fly Jeanne :)

I am so lucky that I get to be part of Huck's life! He is really an amazing guy and will be 3 at the end of's hard to believe that it's been 3 years...WOW!

He did ask me to get into the plane with him and then told me that he needed his space...I love how he can be so articulate!

Laura is clearly excited!

Then to top things off (as if we needed more to be excited about) we got an advance copy of the Knit Red book for our viewing pleasure and I can't truly express how thrilled I am to be involved in such a great project!

Kristen is speechless!

The book is more amazing than I could have imagined and not only are there amazing stories of how heart disease has affected each and every designer in the book, but ideas on how to stay healthy, recipes, as well as tips on knitting!!

What a bunch of silly little beans!!

Wow is all I have to say...I am in a book!

I have to confess that I have already knit one of the patterns from the book and it is amazing!! I knit up Ysolda's hat that uses short rows in such a great creative way that I know you will want to give it a go too!

Wow. What a busy couple of weeks we have had around here...phew!!

As always, happy knitting, crocheting and sewing!!


PS Take a look at our Stitch Red project and you can sign up for the Stitch Red blog too and stay completely on top of events and learn lots more about our fight for awareness of the #1 killer of women!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Announcing the Jimmy Beans Wool Spring KAL!

I am so excited to tell you about this fun Knit-A-Long (KAL) we’ve been cooking up for you! It’s going to be the biggest and best one we’ve hosted so far! The reason I say this is because we’ve decided to add an extra fun component to this KAL; can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a hint: It involves something new to us here at Jimmy Beans…

The 1-hour Skirt
A sew-a-long! That’s right, we’ve decided to celebrate our shop’s branching out into the land of sewing by adding a simple skirt sew-a-long to this KAL! We figured the best person to help us out with this would be Brett Bara, who’s book “Sewing in a Straight Line” recently inspired knitter and designer Cecily Glowik MacDonald to sew a whole bunch of cute skirts to gowith her designs for a photo shoot. We were “sew” inspired by Cecily’s cute skirts she created using Brett’s book (which is also personal favorite of mine), that we thought you all might appreciate how seamlessly, yet with plenty of seams, these two crafts go together. The best part is that we’ll be using the “1-hour skirt” pattern from Brett’s book, which is truly a speedy garment to sew! But more on that later… 

You are probably wondering, in all of my talk of sewing, what we will be knitting! Well, since Cecily was the inspiration for this whole KAL/SAL thing, we will be knitting her Goodale cardigan which we think is truly perfect for spring! When paired with a fun printed spring skirt, this cardigan is sure to become a wardrobe favorite! Also, even though it calls for a DK weight yarn, it is knit mostly on size 7 needles so it should knit up pretty quickly. Other details about this pattern include: it is knit seamlessly from the top down, in mostly stockinette stitch, and has some fun little details to keep it interesting. 

One of our beans, Leanne, knit Goodale for Bethany (another bean) last Spring, and she LOVED every moment of it! It only took her about 3 weeks to knit it in the 34” size which means that we can totally do this in the 6 weeks or so that we’ve allotted. Leanne enjoyed knitting Goodale so much, she is planning to do this KAL with us and make one for herself!

So now for the details! The KAL/SAL will go from Wednesday April 18th through Wednesday May 30th.  This gives us 6 weeks from start to finish to knit our sweaters and sew our skirts (if you choose to participate in the sewing component). We will officially kick off the KAL next Wednesday, April 18th with a blog post here. I’ll be blogging updates each week and we’ll also have a guest post from each of the designers during that time!  If you can’t start exactly on the 18th, never fear! You can join us at any time and we’ll still be here to cheer you on via Ravelry and e-mail after the KAL is over!

We will also be discussing anything KAL related in the JimmyBeans Wool group on Ravelry. If you are on Ravelry and haven’t joined our group yet, please do! We’d love to have you! You’ll see the thread near the top of the discussion board for our Spring KAL. That’s where all the shop talk will happen. I’ll also be available for full knitting support throughout the KAL via e-mail:
My supply pile!  SO excited!

We’ll be doing a roll call for this KAL so that we can get an accurate head count of how many of you are participating! Even if you don’t like to talk or comment much online, we still would love if you would let us know that you are participating! This helps us to gauge whether or not we should keep doing KALs or focus our energy on other projects.  But mostly, it lets me know that I am not just hanging out online and talking into cyber space in hopes that someone is there. Join me!  It will be fun, I promise!

You know what else is fun? Knitting with friends! Get a friend or friends to join you to knit for this KAL in person, then tell us about it online…That’s what this whole KAL thing is about-- bringing knitters together.  So join us, I promise, it’s gonna be a blast! (The official roll call will be in next week’s blog post!)

In the meantime, here are the materials you’ll need for the whole enchilada, including the sewing portion:

Sweater Materials:

-580-1160 yards of a DK weight yarn depending on the size.*See notes below
-US size 7- 29” (or larger) circular needle
-US Size 5 DPNs
-Goodale Cardigan Pattern by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  Printed versions are available on our website or the downloadable version is available from Winged Knits on Ravelry.
-Stitch markers
-Stitch holders or waste yarn
-A tapestry needle
-2- 7/8” buttons

Venezia Sport in "Peacock Blue"
*The pattern calls for Tosh Pashmina but since we are running low at the moment on a number of colors and I am dying to try the new Cascade Venezia Sport, I will be using that in the gorgeous Peacock Blue color. The yardage on this yarn is AMAZING.  I am only going to need 3 hanks and I am knitting a 41.25" sweater! Cecily (the designer) also recommends: Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino DK, Malabrigo Silky Merino, MalabrigoArroyo, Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, or Rowan Cashsoft DK to give you some other options.  We love these yarns, but we want you to pick what is ultimately going to make you happy so have fun!  

Sizing and yardage for Goodale are as follows:

Finished Bust Measurements: 31.5 (34, 38, 41.25, 45.25, 49.25, 52.5, 55.5, 58.75)”

Yardage Requirements: 580 (640, 720, 770, 855, 935, 1010, 1080, 1160)

Skirt Materials (Beyond the sewing machine and scissors of course):*

-1-2 yds of 44” or wider fabric depending on your height and desired skirt length. If you want a knee length or longer skirt, buy 1.5 yards or more. When in doubt, buy a bit extra.  You can always use the leftovers for quilt squares or a smaller project later. We have tons of great regular and sale fabrics right now so don't forget to check them out! Beginners should choose an easy to sew with fabric like 100% quilting cotton. (In case you were wondering, I am using Amy Butler's Twilight Peony print from the Soul Blossoms Collection.)  
- 1” or wider elastic- the length of your waist circumference where you would like the skirt to sit.  
Brett's Book
- Brett Bara’s “Sewing in a Straight Line” book or a skirt pattern of your choice. Brett’s book is great for beginners because it doesn’t require using patterns, just your measurements and some diagrams and written instructions. Feel free to check your local fabric store for patterns if you are feeling more adventurous. Also, there are several online tutorials and videos on Brett's website for making this exact skirt, so if you aren't sure about getting the book, that info will be provided when we get to that point in the KAL/SAL.  For beginners, this book is great because it has tons of valuable information about sewing that you might like to read so I do recommend it.
- Thread that matches your fabric.
- A large safety pin

*Note, some of your sewing supplies will need to be purchased at a fabric store as we don't yet carry all of the notions you'll need to sew with just yet. We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience this might cause! :)  

By the way, I should mention that the sewing component is entirely optional and you will by no means miss out on any of the fun should you choose not to sew with us! We just thought it would be exciting to bring a complimentary craft into the mix with this KAL!  Let us know what you think!

I hope this post has gotten you excited for the KAL! I seriously can’t wait to cast on! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know via e-mail: If you need help matching fabrics to yarns or have specific product questions, please call our customer service department at: (877) 529-5648 and tell them that you are participating in our KAL they can help you get what you need! If you made it through this long post, nice job, that was a lot of info! Thanks so much for reading and I hope to see you all back here next week and knitting with me in cyber space!

Happy knitting (and sewing),

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sun Catcher Shawl KAL update...

This is the middle section and what lovely lace it is

I am having so much FUN working on this Artyarns KAL, whoop, whoop! I am in LOVE with the Ensemble Light yarn and I mentioned this in my last post too, but when it comes to yarn it's alright to be redundant, right? I am using color 907 and am really getting excited as I near the point where Iris suggested I begin using the Beaded Silk and Sequins Light in the same color.

This is part of the last section and I love it!

My plan is to work 2 rows of each yarn, which will give me just enough to cast off in the beaded yarn...oooohhhh won't I just be the coolest little bean?

Of course what kind of knitter would I be if I wasn't chomping at the bit for my next project? I AM a knitter that's for sure, even though I also am starting to love sewing! My next project is actually going to involve fabric as I take on the Barcelona skirt by Amy Butler! I am delving into a fabric type I haven't worked with much and that's Voile, so wish me luck!

This type of fabric is light, airy, and leans toward the sheer side of things. The drape is phenomenal, so that's the way I am going on this project. Of course I will be lining the skirt, and even if I used something other than a Voile the pattern calls for, a lining will be nice.

I can't wait to see this layered!

I love skirts and have been wearing them more often as the weather is getting warmer, "So why not?", is what I say!

The pattern includes instructions for an a-line skirt, as well as an over apron, both of which will be next in line. I chose the Night Tree fabric in the color Lime Peel and can't wait to wear my skirt!

Hmmmm, now I need to make one to compliment my beautiful shawl...what a tough life I have!!

Lastly, before I sign off for the day, we need to announce the Sweet Grass Wool giveaway winner!  Drumroll please....and the winner (thanks to is: Commenter #21- Linda, who said:

"What a beautiful color and yarn. It would make a great cowl, hat or 198 Yards of Heaven scarf. . . all mine, of course!"

Congrats to Linda, and thanks to everyone who commented!  Also, thanks to Patti from Sweet Grass and Wolf Creek Wools for the blog interview and giveaway!  Linda, please e-mail Kristen with your mailing address to claim your skein:

As always, happy knitting, crocheting and sewing!


PS. Did you know that we are out to 'Stick it to Heart Disease'? Check out Stitch Red and see all the ways you can become involved in the battle against the #1 killer of women in the US!