Color Commentary with Lorna's Laces and Carina Spencer

We're Blushing...

We were so excited for the resurgence of Color Commentary by Lorna's Laces back in December of 2016. This year one of our favorite colors, Carina's Afterglow (this is where we start to blush!), was created by the talented designer, Carina Spencer. Not only was she able to create an amazing color reminiscent of a glowing blush, she was able to design an equally amazing sweater. 
"This color was inspired by my own birthday reflections and my desire to live a soft, vulnerable, and curious life." Carina Spencer,
Blush is one of my favorite colors and I was ecstatic when this color came across my desk. I also learned that Carina and I have the same birthday (February 13th)! She further explains that afterglow is the light that remains in the sky after the sun has set or the feeling of satisfaction after reaching a goal. 

The pattern that Carina desgined, Cold Roses, combines femininity with structure using ribbing. She also focused on creating a design that was versatile and classic. 

We have been seeing a lot of blush colored sartorial pieces for the last few years that we are thinking it is here to stay! As the roses begin to bloom, both the yarn and pattern are perfect for the upcoming warmer months. 

If you are loving this yarn, visit our site here! Carina's Afterglow is available in Sheperd Sport, Shepherd Sock and Shepherd Worsted.

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