Fringe Binge

Hi friends! I just returned from a week-long road trip down to Tempe, AZ for the first-ever Innings Festival, where I was lucky enough to catch a few of my favorite bands in one day (Lord Huron, The Head and the Heart, and *squeeee* The Avett Brothers, to name a few). Along the way, my friends and I stopped in the awe-inspiring Death Valley National Park for a few days of camping, hiking, and of course, in my case, knitting! If only I had been inspired by festival attire beforehand, which is chock (chaco?)-full of fringe, I definitely would have picked up a few skeins of Knit Collage to knit one of these fringe-tastic projects while relaxing at camp or roaming the hills of Artist's Palette (the colors of which would look great in a KC pattern, by the way!) 

Check out the list below for the fringiest patterns we carry from Knit Collage! Owner Amy has definitely got the style nailed down to a T. :)

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