Friday, April 21, 2017

We want to hear from you! Blog Survey and Feedback

For those of you who follow our blog and have read about our flood emergency back in January, it may come as no surprise to you that this year has brought its share of challenges for our company. It took a couple months for us to get set up at our new location and to have our operations up and running again at full capacity, but we are happy to announce that we are doing well and we have settled back into our normal groove. We appreciate all of the love and support that we have received throughout the last few months from our amazing customers and we truly could not have done it without all of your patience and understanding!

We have a lot of exciting new things planned for the coming months, and one of our main goals is to totally revamp our blog. Unfortunately the blog has been a bit neglected for the past few months as we transitioned into our new facility, but now that the chaos has subsided, it is our priority to start posting inspiring and fun new content and to post more frequently. Before we dive into these changes, we want to hear some feedback from our readers! We envision this blog as being a source to generate creativity, spread knowledge and wisdom for fellow crafters, share inspirational stories, and to create a positive community for lovers of fiber to interact with one another and with us here at JBW. We would love to hear any ideas that you might have about the direction of our blog, as well as any ideas on specific content that you would like to see more (or less) in our future blog posts.

Please fill out the survey below and feel free to leave us comments if you would like to elaborate on your responses, or if you just want to leave some additional feedback. You are able to select more than one answer in the survey!

We want our blog to be as interactive as possible with our readers and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Much love from the whole crew here at JBW ♥

Monday, April 17, 2017

Come one, come all! Our fourth annual knitting retreat is approaching!

It’s almost that time again for our annual Jimmy Beans Wool retreat, and we can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled we are to host it this year! The last three years have been such an incredible experience for all of us here at JBW and we have taken away so much from hosting the retreats and getting to meet so many new, amazing people from all around the country. While there are so many cool things that come from the each of the retreats, our absolute favorite part every year is simply getting to be surrounded by so many passionate and skilled knitters all weekend long. Each year we leave our retreats feeling more and more inspired by all of our guests, and we strive to ensure that the following year’s retreat is even more special to create the best experience imaginable. 

For this year’s event, we have some very exciting features planned and we are confident that this is going to be our best retreat to date! The retreat will be taking place from June 1st-4th, and we have decided to head back up to our favorite spot up at the gorgeous Northstar Resort at Lake Tahoe. This luxurious resort is located in the heart of the lush forest and close to so many recreational sweet spots. The resort is a haven for all things adventure and relaxation, and it’s such a treat for us to come back and enjoy this spot each year with our guests. We’ll have plenty of down time to explore the area and soak in all of its natural beauty!

But let’s not forget about the most important part – the knitting, of course! We have several knitting classes lined up for our guests to participate in, catering to most skill levels and ranging in various techniques. We are proud to announce that our VIP knitting instructors for the weekend will be none other than the sock queen Ann Budd and lace guru Romi Hill! These two will bring with them so much knowledge and wisdom to share, and they cannot wait to chat and knit with all of our guests.

As you may have already heard, our company moved into a different facility a few months ago and we have a brand new retail store and knit shop that just opened to the public at the beginning of March. We had some big dreams for our new shop, and we worked hard for several months planning out every little detail to create the shop we always envisioned. We are so incredibly proud of the new shop design and set-up, and we will be welcoming all retreat guests for an exclusive tour of the new warehouse and store, along with some time to browse, shop, and knit.

Want to get in on the action with us? We’re happy to announce that we still have some spots available this year and it would be an honor for us to be your host for this unforgettable weekend. Join us this summer and embark upon a journey quite unlike anything else. Surround yourself with the crisp, fresh mountain air, meet talented knitters like yourself from all around the country, create lifelong friendships, refine your skills and learn new techniques, and head back home feeling rejuvenated and inspired. We have been looking forward to this event all year and we hope to have you up on the mountain with us to share the magic!

For more information about our retreat, visit for details on pricing, accommodation, and other included features.