Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How about a waterproof, rust proof, FREE knitting pattern?

The bags are here, the bags are here!!! This has been one of the hardest secrets to keep but at last I can let it out!! Phew...I am just not the best secret keeper out there!

Our first set of NEW and improved shipping bags are here and we used them yesterday and what a thrill!!

We are all a buzz around here and I just couldn't wait to share it with you, so here are some pictures to wet your appetite.

You can cut this pattern out and it is waterproof, rust proof and can be put in a binder! How cool is that?

Laura was very hard to contain as she ran around and stuffed the bags full of your orders!!

It was awesome to see her so excited!!

She has worked really hard on this project and the final product is AMAZING!!

I can't wait to knit my "Honey Do" socks out of the Lorna's Laces Limited Edition colorway for October...tease, tease!!

The 1st is only 2 days away so hang in there!! Hee hee! I know I am a stinker...oh yeah don't forget your rewards will be available too!!

As always happy knitting and crocheting!!


Monday, September 27, 2010

The 1st is Friday....

So the 1st is Friday and I can't wait to release the LLE (Lorna's Laces Limited Edition) color!! It is sooooooooooo pretty and besides you have all be trying to make my little snip bigger and it won't get any bigger. I am such a stinker :)

Don't forget that the 1st is the end of this quarter, so your rewards will be here too! Wahoo!!

I hope you will all join our LLE Fan Club and I have recently heard that some of you are unable to be on Facebook due to work constraints, but never fear you can sign up via email (which you should all do anyway) and you will be entered into the contests and get any email updates.

Now I have seen and held October's color and I am excited to get mine, but the dilemma I face is which yarn to I want it in? I finally broke down the other day and bought 2 hanks of Robot Overlord in the Honor and this yarn is super amazing!! The blend of Alpaca and Silk takes the dye in a unique way, so this particular lot really made my heart skip a beat. Too many choices to make darn it! Of course it will be available for the 1st time in the Misti Alpaca Baby Me Boo, so maybe I will have to add some of that to my stash...ugh small yarn store at my house!!

Which one of the Lorna's Laces yarns is your favorite?

As always happy knitting and crocheting!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Really quick tease...

So guess what?? No Elephants can't actually fly contrary to popular belief, ha ha! The Misti Alpaca Baby Me Boo is being dyed in October's color!!! So here is the smallest (way early) of teases for the color way for October...I am just soooooooooo excited for this one to come in and I had to share. Sorry to be so mean!! NOT!! Ha ha! Just know that I have left some really important parts of the color out of the snip.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yarn cakes?

I LOVE my job, but you may have heard me say that once or twice! I get to meet some really neat people everyday, both in person and on the phone! Sharon from Oregon is a great gal that came into the shop a while back and asked us to help her learn a knitting stitch, which I will be filming for her next Thursday!

Thanks for the suggestion Sharon and for this GREAT picture of your birthday yarn cakes that your friends made for you! Happy birthday too!

If you have things you would like us to film for you please let us know, as I have a list I keep adding too all the time. I appreciate knowing what you would like us to review and teach you, remember it's YOUR LYS-online store, so it matters what you think!!

As always happy knitting and crocheting! Jeanne

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wahoo sooooo much yarn!!!

So much new stuff is around here that I just don't know where to start! First is all the beautiful Plymouth yarns and I have finished my Traveling Woman Shawl out of the Mushishi! I swoon every time I touch it, as it is so beautiful! With the silk mixed in here and there the effect as the yarn stripes in phenomenal!

We are also all a buzz about Debbie Stoller's new yarn, Stitch Nation, amazing is what I have to say! There are 3 beautiful yarns all made with natural fibers and all 3 luscious to the touch! I am considering the Bamboo Ewe for my next project, of course I don't know exactly what I will make yet, but who cares I am ready to stash!! Ha ha!

What do you think about Eucalyptus? I love the rich sea blue of this color, oh goodness what to do, what to do??

Phew I need to sit down I feel faint! Ok so as always happy knitting and crocheting!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Landscape collection patterns....

I am sooooooooo excited as we are almost there with the patterns featuring the new exclusive to JBW Landscape Collection by Misti Alpaca (remember we had a contest and you will be thrilled when you see those patterns too)!! It is super exciting and I just sent my final pictures to the photo lab for processing and they should be done today.

That means that I will have the pattern ready sometime next week and hopefully up on the site for your knitting pleasure! When Laura asked if I would design something for this new yarn line I jumped for joy!!!

Then it came time to take the pictures and that has been an interesting process...I tried a still life composition, it was ok, but just ok wasn't going to cut it for this great yarn!

The sample was knit and designed with little ones in mind (Huck of course) and does include instructions for a larger adult size too, but who should I get to model this one? I had Sara put the hat on and give it a go (my son Chris's girlfriend) and it just didn't quite fit her. Sooooooo in jumps our own littlest bean, Huck, who I had in mind while knitting every stitch on this hat anyway, so why not get him into the mix? Well thanks so much Doug, Laura and of course our sweetie Huck for taking the time to shoot these amazing pics for are the BEST!!!

I can't wait to get the yarn into the shop (it is coming in real soon) and work up the adult version in another color. This one is Pride Rock and I am thinking of making my bigger version in Shipwreck Cove, what do you think?

Here is the picture collage that will grace my pattern, awwww what a doll!!!!

As I was working on this I just kept saying darn it he's cute!! I am in love for sure!!!

As always happy knitting and crocheting!!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Have you seen?

Have you seen all the new Plymouth yarns we have gotten? Oh my gosh! I couldn't stand it and jumped in and knit The Traveling Woman shawl out of the Mushishi and I must say I am in love!!

Here is Kristen modeling it for me and I must say it is beautiful! I love the way the yarn striped and it only took one hank!! The color I used here is 01, but I am thinking about doing it again in another color for my daughter but now I have to choose that is the hard part...hmmmm which one?

As always happy knitting and crocheting!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Congratulations to all the Beans for Brains WINNERS!!

Congratulations are in order for all of the Beans for Brains scholarship winners and we are working really hard to make sure we can continue this great program!! Hopefully we will be able to expand this to larger prizes for students working towards a graduate degree. School is so expensive and boy don't I know it since my son Chris is starting his senior year of high school! Wow! I am making a list of every scholarship that he can apply for and believe me he WILL apply!

Laura spotted this great article about one of the lucky winners of our scholarship, Snowden and we couldn't be more thrilled to share it with you.

This is the note that went out to all of the following winners and again CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!!

Here are the winners:

Chika from Yale

Snowden from University of Texas (Austin)

Ariel from University of Washington (Seattle)

Roxanne from Loyola Univ of Chicago

Lauren from UNR

Dear Student (insert name here :),

On behalf of Jimmy Beans Wool, we extend our congratulations to you
regarding your Jimmy Beans for Brains Scholarship award!

We are so excited to be able to offer these scholarships and we are proud of
students like yourself, who work hard to improve your own quality of life
through education, and bring your talent to the world!

We can confirm that your scholarship check was sent out today to your
Financial Aid Services office.

As part of this agreement, you will also be receiving an annual subscription
to Vogue Knitting for free, as well as a gift card for
Please confirm the mailing address that you would like these items to be
sent to.

We would like to share this great news as we feel it deserves recognition!
If you are happy for us to send out a press release to your hometown network
TV station and newspaper, can you please include the name of your home city
in a return email? We would also like to send this release out to your
University. In addition, feel free to distribute the press release to anyone
you see fit! The release is at the bottom of this email.

With best wishes for a bright future, from all of us at Jimmy Beans Wool,

Laura Zander

p.s. We will also be including your first name and university name in our
next newsletter, as well as on our social media sites. Congrats again!

As always happy knitting and crocheting (of course studying too!!)