Congratulations to all the Beans for Brains WINNERS!!

Congratulations are in order for all of the Beans for Brains scholarship winners and we are working really hard to make sure we can continue this great program!! Hopefully we will be able to expand this to larger prizes for students working towards a graduate degree. School is so expensive and boy don't I know it since my son Chris is starting his senior year of high school! Wow! I am making a list of every scholarship that he can apply for and believe me he WILL apply!

Laura spotted this great article about one of the lucky winners of our scholarship, Snowden and we couldn't be more thrilled to share it with you.

This is the note that went out to all of the following winners and again CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!!

Here are the winners:

Chika from Yale

Snowden from University of Texas (Austin)

Ariel from University of Washington (Seattle)

Roxanne from Loyola Univ of Chicago

Lauren from UNR

Dear Student (insert name here :),

On behalf of Jimmy Beans Wool, we extend our congratulations to you
regarding your Jimmy Beans for Brains Scholarship award!

We are so excited to be able to offer these scholarships and we are proud of
students like yourself, who work hard to improve your own quality of life
through education, and bring your talent to the world!

We can confirm that your scholarship check was sent out today to your
Financial Aid Services office.

As part of this agreement, you will also be receiving an annual subscription
to Vogue Knitting for free, as well as a gift card for
Please confirm the mailing address that you would like these items to be
sent to.

We would like to share this great news as we feel it deserves recognition!
If you are happy for us to send out a press release to your hometown network
TV station and newspaper, can you please include the name of your home city
in a return email? We would also like to send this release out to your
University. In addition, feel free to distribute the press release to anyone
you see fit! The release is at the bottom of this email.

With best wishes for a bright future, from all of us at Jimmy Beans Wool,

Laura Zander

p.s. We will also be including your first name and university name in our
next newsletter, as well as on our social media sites. Congrats again!

As always happy knitting and crocheting (of course studying too!!)


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