Eucalan Wrapture and a Blocking Video!

A couple of months ago, we were asked to review a new scent from Eucalan created by Kristin Omdahl and then blog about it. Well, we love Kristin AND Eucalan so of course we said yes! It's a super scrumptious Jasmine scent and as we speak I am wearing my cowl (shown in the blocking video below) and I can still smell it's yumminess.

I created two videos here. The first is a video review of Eucalan's Wool Wash and the second is an Instructional Video called "Blocking 102" in which I use the Eucalan wash in the Wrapture Scent. This is the follow-up video the "Blocking 101" so feel free to watch that one first for the basics!

Eucalan Wrapture and Wool Wash Review:

Blocking 102:

We currently carry individual packets of Eucalan and will be receiving the Wrapture scent soon so stay tuned....

In any case, thanks so much to Eucalan for sending over the awesome samples for us to test and encouraging me to film a second blocking video! I hope you all found these videos useful!

Happy knitting and crocheting,

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