JBW Creates: Handmade Decorations!

We are starting to spread our wings around here and when I ran across this fun decoration creation, so I just had to jump onto the craft wagon and see if I could recreate it with some pieces of my left over Layer Cake and I hope you will agree the results are fun! I began by choosing 2 slices of my cake and grabbed my trusty Steam A Seam 2 and went to work. The very 1st one I made is the same fabric, but in different colors and I love the way it gives flashes of each color as it spins about. The next set I did was more efficient, as I realized that I could get 4 out of an entire fused layer cake bit. I thought you might like to see how I chose to approach this project and I would love to hear your ideas for a project like this.

Step 1: Gather your supplies

-2 10X10 squares of fabric (or desired size, but must be square)
-Light or medium-weight double-sided fusible interfacing
-Quilting Ruler
-Fabric Pen (mine comes off with heat)
-Iron and ironing board
-Invisible thread and sewing needle
-Rotary cutter
-Self healing cutting mat
-Tacky glue (any really good craft clue will work)
-Embroidery scissors (mine are really sharp)

Don't worry if you don't have all of these handy dandy tools, you can still make this make this project.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Test your fabric pen on your fabric prior to using it, as it would really be sad if you couldn't get it off. This project won't do well with washing either, so I highly recommend one that comes off easily like mine.

I have seen this done with heavy felt also and boy is it neat! Thanks to whoever thought this one up!!

Step 2: Cut your fusing to fit your layer cake square
A layer cake square is 10X10 while the fusing web is 8 1/2 X 11 inches, so I had to make some adjustments. This is a great product, as it is slightly rough on the one side without the paper, so is easy to position and then once you take the paper off that side is sticky. I learned that this process needs to be done slowly and carefully, but it is super easy to just pull away any material that may get a bit rumpled and patch it.

**NOTE my fabric is wrong side up

Patching works well

I am cutting with the paper still stuck to the fusing web and I know once you give this neat product a try you will fall in love. It is used for all sorts of sewing projects and I can't wait to use it to applique, as well as stiffening for a bag.

Here I go another crazy addiction...ha ha! I just need to learn to never sleep and put myself on a knitting, sewing and crafting schedule.

Good luck with that one right?
Step 3: Apply your fusing to your 1st piece of fabric

I was very careful at this point to peel slowly and learned that I could tear a bit of the paper and that will open up the fusing, so I can get a hold on it to begin the peeling process.

I am laying the sticky side down now to the wrong side of my 1st piece of fabric.

Once this step is done you will carefully lay the 2nd slice of cake, right side up, on top and iron them together.

Of course you will want to make sure they are as well aligned on all sides as possible.

Step 4: Measure out your 4 squares

At this point you will want to draw equal 5 inch square onto your 10X10 square and don't worry it is really hard to make them exactly 5 inches square. We will work on that one later and remember this is supposed to be fun not perfect!!

Remember to use your fabric pen ha ha!! I remove all other writing implements when I am doing this sort of thing, so that I don't make that mistake.

Now cut your squares apart.

Step 5: Cut your squares apart

Aren't they pretty all laid out here on my mat? There will be a bit of fraying, but don't worry about that you can trim that up later.

Step 6: Just a little off the side please

Because the cake pieces are pinked (a type of jagged cut that keeps fabric from fraying) you will want to give them a little trim. This changes the dimensions a bit, but don't panic if each square isn't exactly like this others I promise it's alright.

Step 7: X marks the spot

I begin with an X on my square and then add a center line, but that is because my fabric pen will iron off. If yours is more challenging then you will want to really take the time to draw very carefully.

Step 7: Lay our your cutting lines

I begin at the middle of my X and measure evenly on both sides, by lining up my quilting ruler with the center of my marks.

**NOTE: you will want to get a rough idea of the size of your square and you want 4 total squares. I am sure you could add, or subtract squares if you like too...it's all up to you!! My outside square varies on each square, but you don't even notice, so see it's okay not to be perfect :D

I used 1/4 of an inch on each side of the X and then work my way out at 1/2 inch intervals.

Step 8: Cutting

Here's where those super sharp embroidery scissors come into play. You want to leave a bit of fabric at 2 diagonal corners as you begin to cut. I took my time and looked at each cut as I went, so that I wouldn't accidentally cut the corners that need support. I cut the entire 90 degree angle on each side and then moved onto the next square.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have your squares cut remove any excess fabric pen according to the manufactures guide lines. I just press mine again carefully and it all goes away just like magic!

Step 9: Now we get to play with the glue

You will place a tiny bit of glue on the top of one flap and fold the opposing flap over and hold for a couple of seconds.

Now you will turn your decoration over and do the same thing on the opposite side. You alternate in this manner until all the squares are glued and happy!!

At this point I did a bit of trimming to remove any frayed bits, but honestly I didn't have to do much at all.

Step 10: Display your ornaments proudly!
Now thread your needle with your invisible thread and create a hanger for your decoration, hang and enjoy!! You could do so much with this project, add beads, tassels, hang them sideways, use them for a kids room, phew the possibilities are endless!

I hope you enjoy making these decorations (I hesitate to say Holiday, as with the right fabrics they can be a year round kind of thing don't you think?) as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you!!

As always, happy knitting, crocheting and sewing (oh and crafting too!) Jeanne

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  1. These are so fun. I made these into snowflakes.

    Go to my blog I have a link to make them into snowflakes;

  2. Thanks Judy! I agree they are so fun!! Jeanne

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