Announcing the Downton Abbey Mystery KAL 2014!

Hello! We were so thrilled to announce our next KAL over the weekend, and it seems many of you are excited as well. After all of the excitement over last year's KAL, we knew we just HAD to follow up this year with another. We are glad you all are excited. :)

This year's KAL has a little bit of a different format, with a twist. Starting with a basic shawl pattern, this year's KAL is based on the film drinking games of our college years with a “Choose your own Adventure” element. The difference is that in this case we’re taking a more productive approach: instead of drinking when something happens on Season 4 of Downton Abbey, we'll be knitting a specific stitch pattern into our shawl based on the directions given each week! (Of course, we wouldn’t blame you for pouring a glass of wine or a drink to enjoy with your project and Downton, but all we’ll be focused on is the knitting!!)

Here is the Timeline of Events:
-The final design of our shawl will be based on the events and dialogue of each episode of Downton Abbey, Season 4 (yes, I've watched it already, but I promise, no spoilers)!
-On the morning before each episode airs on PBS, you will receive a set of directions for that evening’s episode.
-Your directions could be something along the lines of: “When Bates sneezes, knit 4 rows of seed stitch.” (Or something like that!)
-There will be 2 options specified in the directions: one will be more of a beginner stitch pattern and one will be intermediate. You can choose either.
-The rules are designed so that rarer events require slightly more complicated, longer, or laborious stitch patterns.
-For those of you that didn’t or couldn’t watch, or in case you missed something in the episode we’ll release the “stitch pattern key” to the episode the day after the show airs.
Timeline and Materials:
-Sunday, Jan 5th: We’ll release the basic shawl pattern instructions (first thing in the morning) on the JBW blog so that you can cast on and be ready to start the game the following week during Episode 2. Rules for episodes #2-8 will be posted each Sunday morning thereafter (just like last year’s KAL, if you participated.)
-Yarn Needed: We’ll be using 2 hanks of Lorna’s Laces Honor in the “Bated Breath” Limited Edition color, but you can also use 550 yds of any DK weight yarn with lots of drape. Alternate yarn choices might include Tosh Pashmina, Lorna's Laces Sportmate, Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blends Multis, or Malabrigo Silky Merino. Yes, the Pashmina and Sportmate are slightly lighter in weight than the DK but from personal experience, they will work fine.  

**Yarn Note: We've already sold through our first batch of this yarn, so if you do not already have any on order, the earliest our next batch will be shipping is 1/10. Please let us know if we can help you choose a different yarn instead, or if you'd like to wait, you should have your yarn and be able to catch up by the 3rd episode. Either way will work!**
-Needles: US 7- 40” circular needles. If you don't have 40" size 7 needles, something longer will be good too. I don't recommend anything shorter though as this shawl will get very wide, very quickly.
Sound fun? Ready to join the conversation? Be sure to check in and join the Jimmy Beans Wool Ravelry Group for all of the pre-KAL chatter! Also be sure to "start your project" on Raverly by going to the Downton Abbey Mystery KAL 2014 project page.

I've had a few questions about how to join the KAL. Basically, there is no formal sign up. Just by saying you are in, you are in! Just be sure to join up in the group on Ravelry above and start your project. Then, try to wait patiently until Sunday morning when the blog post is posted (I know, SO difficult, right?!?!) It's as simple as that!

If you are an LYS and would like to host Downton Abbey KAL Meet-ups or Knit-nights in your shop, that’s great! We are thrilled to have you participate with us! Please feel free to share the pattern with your customers, as long as you give full credit for the content to the designer and Jimmy Beans Wool. Also, feel free to let us know ( you are participating and we’ll happily give you a shout out on Facebook and our other social media accounts. We want your business to do well and receive some attention too! Thank you for participating!

I'll be back here bright and early Sunday morning (1/5) with your first post and your casting on instructions! Hope you'll join us!

Happy knitting,

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  1. Sounds like fun! I am a beginner!

  2. Um, I said it on Rav but I'll say it again ..


    I love shawls!

  3. I am excited about this; I missed last year and am so looking forward to 2014. I have told the owners of The Ball of Yarn in Ormond Beach, Florida and they are alerting the people who participate in their Thursday night stitch group. Yeah!

  4. I am a crocheter but also knit so...I will be a beginner participant. I wonder if someday, if there is a crocheter on staff, there could be a CAL-HUM?

  5. I am new to knitting as well. Injust finished the first increase row. How many stitches should I have?

  6. Laura- You should have 216 sts after the first increase row.

  7. Mary Ann- There is actually a gal on Ravelry who approached me about doing a Crochet version of the shawl. She is working on one for crocheters and will have the directions for each approximately 1 week behind the DA KAL b/c she is trying to stay as true to my design as possible. If you would like to do the Crochet version, check it out here:

    I'll also be announcing it in this upcoming weeks post.


  8. Second page of Clue#2 is not appearing on my print preview. Page 1 is there and I have printed it out, but cannot retrieve page 2. What should I do?

  9. I'm a little late, just found the KAL. I would like to join, but can't find where to do so. Help?

  10. Emjayaitch- try copy and pasting the text into a word doc and printing from there. That usually works for me.

    Amy- there is no official sign up, just head over to Ravelry and join in there and follow the blog posts. That's it!


  11. Hi so I'm new to this. So my question is we do nothing inbetween each prompt, and we only do each prompt one time. Is that right?

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