Yarny Gifts to Give This Holiday Season!

We've been hard at work in our yarny-style Santa's Workshop creating all kinds of fun holiday gifts to give this year. If you haven't yet checked these out yet, be sure to do so for your favorite knitter, or add some of these items to your wishlist for Santa.

Blue Sky Alpaca Gift Boxes:

Rachel, showing off her shawl, and the
Alpaca Silk Colors that inspired it.

These have an exclusive free pattern to go with them, the Asymmetrical Stripped Shawl, designed by our very own Rachel of Unraveled Designs.

Debbie Bliss Snowman:

We just love these little guys! So cute!

The snowman can be knit into the Frosty Slouch Hat (another exclusive free pattern designed by our very own Kristen of Marinade Designs) once the holidays are over.

Cascade 220 Superwash Holiday Wreaths:

Huck makes a great model, eh?

This is Kristen's favorite.

These are truly beautiful works of art that will look just darling on your door or decorating your mantle this holiday season. True to our style, we also have a free pattern to go with these wreaths. Once the holidays are over, you can knit a cute Mod Striped Christmas Tree Skirt with the yarn! This pattern is also free and was also designed by Kristen of Marinade Designs.

Tosh Tea Cakes:

Even Huck likes them!!!

Mojito Mint Green... yum!

These adorable sets come in 6 different colorways of the ever popular Tosh Merino Light and each one comes with a Biscoff cookie and a bag of Stash tea to enjoy while you knit! Need a pattern idea for these? Use them to make colorful versions of the Luxury Holiday Garland!

We hope you'll find that our special holiday gifts are just what you need this holiday season!

Happy holidays from all of us at Jimmy Beans Wool!

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Tosh Tea Cakes


  1. So, why can't I get the 2nd page of the Downton Abbey shawl to print, or even load?

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