Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inspiration, yarn and more...

Well, we have been busy, busy, busy! What with the new construction, new yarns, moving stuff around, gosh and of course there is always knitting!

My honey has actually asked me to knit him a sweater and of course I have agreed, aww shucks, what can I say. So we started looking for just the right pattern (he's a real tall guy) and when I first started knitting I made him a sweater that was just never right. Well, I am more experienced now and know about gauge and lots more, thanks to Jimmy's and all my great knitting pals. He refuses to wear a pullover (which is my preferred knitting format) and I gotta, say yeah honey it is your sweater and if I am going to put that much work into it you better wear it, so cardigan it is.

I showed him patterns, and more patterns, books and well you get the idea! Phew it was hard work, but so worth it, as he chose an amazing sweater from the book by Judith Durant, Never Knit Your Man a Sweater. It's a beautiful cardigan with lots of aran looking cables, trinity stitch, seed stitch and more. The drop shoulders will make it fit his tall frame well and it should still feel comfortable. I think all the cables, and so on will make it a 'firm' fit so it shouldn't droop on him.

Ok now the yarn choice (which is where I went horribly wrong long ago on the first sweater) and well, gee I have an amazing yarn store to play around in, hee, hee. He likes blue and of course it needs to be warm, not scratchy, um and well he's just a bit picky (hanging around with me has rubbed off :), so he finally settled on an amazing yarn by Cascade, called Lana d' Oro. This yarn has all my favorite attributes, it's a 50/50 blend of Alpaca and Wool. Yummy! He chose color 1063 Starry Night and I am currently knitting the swatch, alas, this is too big a project to skip this step.

I am truly loving the yarn and the pattern appears very straight forward, so I am in knitting heaven. Of course being a typical knitter I have other ideas that need needle time too, soooooooo in my next blog installment I will give you a complete picture of the Lorna's Laces Greenline Worsted leg warmers for my daughter. Here's a little peek and I will keep you posted on the progress! I will say this yarn is absolutely fantastic! My sweetie walked in and saw them and immediately asked me to do a sweater for him like the warmers. Gosh who does he think I am the knitting diva??

Happy Knitting! Jeanne :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Drywall, anyone?

I'm not a big fan of the overused (at best) term "Here we grow again"...but, we're growing....again!

I'm really impressed with how quickly the crews have been working--they taped off the area and had the door cut and the walls built before I could even get a picture of the chaos! (I guess after watching all of the contracting nightmare shows on HGTV I just assumed all remodeling jobs took forever...) It was almost as if the yarn shuffling to make room beforehand took longer than the demolition (if we've sounded a little flustered this week, this is why!).

Just look at all of that space though! We'll be doing all of the shipping and order filling from this side of the shop, and the classes will be moving to the back room of the retail shop (Jeanne and the orders team are pretty excited!). We should be moving in next week (fingers crossed) after the painters come and the carpet is installed. For a moment I wondered what we'll do with all of the extra space...but I'm sure it won't take long for Laura to find plenty of tempting yarns to fill it with!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to Amber Rose - Almost!

I almost forgot! Here's a quick shot of the real Amber Rose - clutching bags of the color named after her... (she's holding the october limited edition color of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn - we got it oct 1st, but it's already sold out - crazy!).

Anyway, Amber's birthday is in a few weeks - and we think she's going to back home to New Zealand for the occasion.

Now that she's learned how to knit, we're hoping she'll pick up some yummy yarns - straight from the source!

Also - i wanted to say "thank you" to Marianne for the needle condolences ... i finally broke down and bought myself 3 replacement pair. But i still haven't been able to touch a pair of socks since then. Geez - think i have issues with letting things go? I guess so...

Anyway, Marianne also gave me an airline tip that i'd never heard before - instead of carrying scissors, use the cutter on your dental floss to break the yarn." Brilliant! Of course, that would mean that you are carrying floss in your bag - and i must admit that i'm the worst when it comes to flossing (doug flosses every night - what a good boy!)... i have a dentist appointment in 2 weeks, though, so i'm going to start tonight :)

Yarn and Politics?

Ok, I feel like i've seen a lot of things over the years... but yarn and politics? That's a new one for me.... but i gotta say that i'm tickled by the idea. How fun! And who else would you expect to come up with it other than Schaefer Yarn... These girls have made a living out of dying [gorgeous] yarn in the name of memorable women. And like it or not, the political women of the last few months are, if nothing else, memorable.

So, no matter what your political affiliation (or, for some, your lack thereof), you're bound to get a kick (ha!) out of putting on a pair of socks inspired by one of these current political faces. They have taken their uber-famous Schaefer Anne Yarn and dyed it in 4 political colors - only until Nov 4th.

Ha ha - the whole thing makes me giggle a bit... After chatting with the girls there, i discovered that they are a mixed lot when it comes to political affiliations, so you imagine how heated it got - and how much fun they had - when trying to "describe" these women through dye...

Of course, when i think about socks out of these colors, i can imagine it going one of 2 ways: of course you can wear a color to support your favorite lady... or you could wear (and walk on) a color that represents the lady you prefer the least... !!!

Of course now that we're talking about Nov 4th, don't forget that we have this cute election hat pattern knit in Berroco Pure Merino Yarn- and inspired by some of our favorite teacher Allison Judge's students... who lean in one political direction, while their spouses leaned in the other. This way they can each show their support independently... (that is, of course, if the knitter agrees to knit both hats - ha!) .
Enough about politics and yarn - i just thought you guys might be interested in what some of the yarn companies are doing these days... Let's get back to my next project... wooden barrel or rusty bucket?? Most of you say wooden barrel, which was my choice, but for some reason, i'm still having trouble committing. So... i picked back up my hoodie knit with Classic Elite Soft Linen Yarn and finished the front... i just picked up the stitches for the hood yesterday and am a few inches into it. It's cute!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Choosing Colors Is Hard!

I'm about to shut down my computer and take the dogs (and doug!) for a walk, but i wanted to get some help first...

I am just dying to use the Trendsetter Journey Yarn that we got on sale... but i couldn't decide what to knit with it. After spending a few hours at the shop yesterday, Jeanne, Sandy, and I settled on this sweater from the Fitted Knits book by Stefanie Japel. I think it's the perfect style for me - simple, but with just a bit of interest (and not too much frill). Now i'll just have to buy a button down shirt, so i can look just like the model :)

Anyway, the next step is to choose a color. I like the charcoal grey, but thought this rusty brown (Wooden Barrel) might be perfect... but i also like this kinda reddish color (Rusty Bucket).
What do you think? Ah - decisions... i just want to wind some of it up right now!! Looks like i'm going to need about 15 hanks, so that won't be too bad... (about $70, i think). It will likely be the softest sweater i own - if i ever finish it, that is :)