Drywall, anyone?

I'm not a big fan of the overused (at best) term "Here we grow again"...but, we're growing....again!

I'm really impressed with how quickly the crews have been working--they taped off the area and had the door cut and the walls built before I could even get a picture of the chaos! (I guess after watching all of the contracting nightmare shows on HGTV I just assumed all remodeling jobs took forever...) It was almost as if the yarn shuffling to make room beforehand took longer than the demolition (if we've sounded a little flustered this week, this is why!).

Just look at all of that space though! We'll be doing all of the shipping and order filling from this side of the shop, and the classes will be moving to the back room of the retail shop (Jeanne and the orders team are pretty excited!). We should be moving in next week (fingers crossed) after the painters come and the carpet is installed. For a moment I wondered what we'll do with all of the extra space...but I'm sure it won't take long for Laura to find plenty of tempting yarns to fill it with!


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  1. Look!! It's the old shop again! It is crazy exciting....

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