Yarn and Politics?

Ok, I feel like i've seen a lot of things over the years... but yarn and politics? That's a new one for me.... but i gotta say that i'm tickled by the idea. How fun! And who else would you expect to come up with it other than Schaefer Yarn... These girls have made a living out of dying [gorgeous] yarn in the name of memorable women. And like it or not, the political women of the last few months are, if nothing else, memorable.

So, no matter what your political affiliation (or, for some, your lack thereof), you're bound to get a kick (ha!) out of putting on a pair of socks inspired by one of these current political faces. They have taken their uber-famous Schaefer Anne Yarn and dyed it in 4 political colors - only until Nov 4th.

Ha ha - the whole thing makes me giggle a bit... After chatting with the girls there, i discovered that they are a mixed lot when it comes to political affiliations, so you imagine how heated it got - and how much fun they had - when trying to "describe" these women through dye...

Of course, when i think about socks out of these colors, i can imagine it going one of 2 ways: of course you can wear a color to support your favorite lady... or you could wear (and walk on) a color that represents the lady you prefer the least... !!!

Of course now that we're talking about Nov 4th, don't forget that we have this cute election hat pattern knit in Berroco Pure Merino Yarn- and inspired by some of our favorite teacher Allison Judge's students... who lean in one political direction, while their spouses leaned in the other. This way they can each show their support independently... (that is, of course, if the knitter agrees to knit both hats - ha!) .
Enough about politics and yarn - i just thought you guys might be interested in what some of the yarn companies are doing these days... Let's get back to my next project... wooden barrel or rusty bucket?? Most of you say wooden barrel, which was my choice, but for some reason, i'm still having trouble committing. So... i picked back up my hoodie knit with Classic Elite Soft Linen Yarn and finished the front... i just picked up the stitches for the hood yesterday and am a few inches into it. It's cute!

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  1. Yarn and politics--what a cool idea. Of all the combinations shown here, I like the colors in the Hillary combo as they remind me of a cool fall evening.

  2. Maybe I'm revealing too much here, but I love it that my favorite colorway represents the person I like most (Michelle), while my least favorite is the one I dislike the most (Sarah).

  3. Political affiliation aside, three of the colors are fun and feminine but I don't "get" the colors for Sarah. That yarn just seems very masculine to me - whether I like her as a politician or not. Anyone know the reason for these color choices?

  4. These are great! Did anyone notice that Sarah's color is a little 'dim', and it kinda looks like a moose? I find that hilarious...political affiliations aside of course...ahem.

  5. I notice the "Sarah" sold out and is on backorder. ;-)

  6. And the "Sarah" isn't "dim" when you see it in person. It glows. The other colors are just gaudy to me. All about outward appearance, with no other depth. Makes ya go hmmm…

    1. I like the brown Sarah cilirs for fall

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