Happy Birthday to Amber Rose - Almost!

I almost forgot! Here's a quick shot of the real Amber Rose - clutching bags of the color named after her... (she's holding the october limited edition color of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn - we got it oct 1st, but it's already sold out - crazy!).

Anyway, Amber's birthday is in a few weeks - and we think she's going to back home to New Zealand for the occasion.

Now that she's learned how to knit, we're hoping she'll pick up some yummy yarns - straight from the source!

Also - i wanted to say "thank you" to Marianne for the needle condolences ... i finally broke down and bought myself 3 replacement pair. But i still haven't been able to touch a pair of socks since then. Geez - think i have issues with letting things go? I guess so...

Anyway, Marianne also gave me an airline tip that i'd never heard before - instead of carrying scissors, use the cutter on your dental floss to break the yarn." Brilliant! Of course, that would mean that you are carrying floss in your bag - and i must admit that i'm the worst when it comes to flossing (doug flosses every night - what a good boy!)... i have a dentist appointment in 2 weeks, though, so i'm going to start tonight :)

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Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn


  1. I want to swim in a box of Lorna's Laces too!!!!

  2. Amber , You are as beautiful as your namesake yarn ......................! Sandy

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