Choosing Colors Is Hard!

I'm about to shut down my computer and take the dogs (and doug!) for a walk, but i wanted to get some help first...

I am just dying to use the Trendsetter Journey Yarn that we got on sale... but i couldn't decide what to knit with it. After spending a few hours at the shop yesterday, Jeanne, Sandy, and I settled on this sweater from the Fitted Knits book by Stefanie Japel. I think it's the perfect style for me - simple, but with just a bit of interest (and not too much frill). Now i'll just have to buy a button down shirt, so i can look just like the model :)

Anyway, the next step is to choose a color. I like the charcoal grey, but thought this rusty brown (Wooden Barrel) might be perfect... but i also like this kinda reddish color (Rusty Bucket).
What do you think? Ah - decisions... i just want to wind some of it up right now!! Looks like i'm going to need about 15 hanks, so that won't be too bad... (about $70, i think). It will likely be the softest sweater i own - if i ever finish it, that is :)

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  1. Wooden Barrel! It's a very flexible color to pair with other clothing. Nice pattern, too!

  2. I have to agree. Wooden barrel gets my vote too.

  3. I personally would choose the rusty bucket, but I think the wooden barrel color would be more ideal for you. Great yarn, by the way...when I think of Trendsetter, I still think of those wild novelty yarns!

  4. Wooden barrel all the way!