Gone Fishin Socks Almost Done!

As usual, i'm on my way out the door - we're interviewing potential employees for the shop and i have 5 2nd interviews today - yay! I wanted to show you how my socks are turning out, though... the main color is the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in September's Limited Edition color - Gone Fishin'.

I used brick for the toes and heels.... i have a size 7.5 foot and made the cuffs about 4 inches, because i only had 1 hank of the Gone Fishin... and i knit until i ran out - and then picked up the Brick for the toes.

It worked out perfectly! Since i have a bunch of the brick left over (i just bought 1 ball), i was going to pick up at the top of the cuff and knit for a couple of inches (you can kinda see that i started to do that on my tattooed - yuck! - leg). However, i had gotten about 10 rows done by the time we got the cancun airport - on our way home from vacation. And guess what? They took my addi circular needles! I had to pull them out of the daggone sock and give them up - AND i had 2 other pair in my bag... and they took those too! I couldn't believe it - $40 down the drain. And i bet they just throw them away. It literally made me sick (in fact, if you promise not to laugh, i'll admit that i actually did shed a few tears - i'm such a baby when i don't get my way!). Anyway, 1 week later, I'm still a bit scarred from the experience and haven't bought replacement sets... instead, i went back to working on my Panda Silk DK gloves. I still need to get a new camera (i guess my old one didn't like being dropped so often) and then will take a pic of the glove that i finished.

Oh yeah! We were in mexico during Hurricane Ike - here's what the sky looked like on one of the days that it passed by... it was amazing!
Ok - gotta run - i have an interview to conduct in about an hour - and i'm pretty sure the interviewee would appreciate it if i showered beforehand :)

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  1. The Gone Fishin' socks are fabulous! Something I've been meaning to ask: is there a link to the Jimmy Beans website anywhere on your blog page? When you sell me on something from the store, I'd like to be able to go there directly, instead of having to look up the store in my favorites. Just lazy, I guess. :-)

  2. hi lynne! thanks for the encouragement :)

    to answer your question, I try to create links for each of the items i write about - for instance, if you click on "lorna's laces shepherd sock" or "addi circular needles", you should be taken directly to that page on the jbw website. i'm not sure if that's the best way to do it or not - so just let me know if something else would make more sense!! :)

    ok - now i really am heading out the door... all showered and ready :)

  3. Hey there Jimmy! The socks are awesome and the needles are a real bummer! I have heard this from some of our customers and it is heart breaking. I love that Wiley and Buddy are in the pic with you. The tatoo is just fine; silly girl!! :}

  4. The socks are fab! I feel for you about the Addi Turbos, as I would cry if I lost three pairs!

    Your story did make me laugh, though. I've flown through Munich and Rome with my needles and no problem. When I flew to Cancun six years ago, I didn't take any knitting, but they handed out Customs forms in San Diego when we departed, and they NEVER COLLECTED them in Cabo or Mexico City. So, I guess you can't knit, but you can bring anything else in without declaring it!

  5. next time take a little manila folder with your address on it and have them send your needles home for you.

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