Prehistoric Pals as Barney?

I'm back! Off to reno right now - and will tell you all about our trip tomorrow or wednesday, but wanted to share this ridiculously adorable photo with you before i hit the road.

Invited to a Barney-Themed kids birthday party (for 2 yr old twin girls), Sarah from Ohio used Knitting at Knoon's Prehistoric Pals pattern and whipped up a couple of Barney dolls! While the animals themselves are adorable, i can't get over how clever the photo is... it looks like the matching Barneys are just hanging out in the jungle. Thanks for sending the photo, Sarah - it's put a smile on all of our faces!
(Doug is always after me to knit something like this for Wiley ... he LOVES stuffed animals - and keeps them around for years. Maybe now is the time.)

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