While the owners are away...

The 'Beans' will play!

Well, it never fails...whenever Laura and Doug go on vacation...something breaks, shorts out, or someone gets sick. This year...it was the watercooler. You know how it goes, change the bottle, come back two hours later to find a nice puddle around the cooler. Take bottle off, examine, repeat. And...repeat again. Sounds a little like insanity, I know. The next day we made the command decision to replace the darn thing (we're so spoiled, we wanted our tea water!) so this is me wearing the new water

cooler's box, pretending to be a robot (thanks to Amber for the expert artwork). Did I mention how much fun it is to work here?!

And then...there was superfine alpaca. Just after the water cooler fiasco was taken care of, eight boxes of Trendsetter Journey (50% off at $4.75 a ball...more on my yarn lust later) arrived. Oh, the decisions....! I decided on the Tahoe Knots Cable Hat Three, but of course after this week my camera is exhausted--so no pictures of the little beauty until Monday. It knits beautifully, and soft as butter.

Now that you're all updated on this weeks' hijinks...happy knitting!

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