A Q&A With Lena Skvagerson, In-House Designer for Jimmy Beans Wool!

Welcome to an exclusive look into the creative process of Lena Skvagerson, the in-house designer for
Jimmy Beans Wool! With over 45 years of experience, Lena combines timeless elegance with modern trends in each piece. Join us as we explore Lena's approach to crafting meticulously designed pieces, from concept to final product, and discover the inspiration behind her designs that resonate with crafters worldwide! 

Q: Can you share with us the creative roots that inspire your exclusive designs, and how do you infuse your personal style into each piece?

Lena: I really like making things with my hands, and I've been doing it for a long time, like 45 years! I pay attention to what people like and what's popular. I get ideas from classic stuff and what's new and cool out in the fashion industry, and combine with what I like to make and wear myself.

45 years of honing my craft have allowed me to intuitively understand what appeals to people, merging popular preferences with my unique perspective. I find inspiration in the world around me, whether it's the subtle elegance of nature or the refined details found in fashion and art.

When I make my designs, I try to make them look a bit fancy but not too hard to do. I enjoy the challenge of making things appear more intricate than they are.
My designs are a mix of classic and modern styles. I want them to be both timeless and up-to-date. It's like putting together old and new things to make something unique and special. I hope people who like well-crafted and thoughtful designs will enjoy what I create.

Q: Designing exclusive pieces requires a meticulous process! Can you walk us through the journey from concept to the final product?

Lena: It all begins with a spark of inspiration, and from there, I embark on a step-by-step journey to bring the concept to life.


Idea Generation: It all starts with an idea that captivates me. I draw inspiration from various sources, blending my experiences, preferences, and observations to create a unique vision.


Test Samples:
Before committing to a full design, I create small test samples to visualize how the concept translates into yarn and stitches. This phase allows me to make initial adjustments and fine-tune the details.


Rough Draft: Once satisfied with the concept, I move on to crafting a rough draft of the pattern in one size. This initial pattern serves as a foundation for the subsequent stages.


Stitching the Piece: With the pattern in hand, I meticulously stitch the piece, sometimes I get help from a stitcher, paying close attention to every detail. This hands-on approach helps me identify any adjustments or enhancements needed during the creation process.


Adding Sizes: After completing the first piece, when it’s a garment I expand the pattern to include multiple sizes, ensuring inclusivity and a perfect fit for a diverse range of individuals. This involves careful consideration of size charts and meticulous adjustments.


Technical Editing: To guarantee the highest quality, I engage a skilled tech editor to thoroughly review the pattern. This step ensures accuracy, clarity, and a seamless knitting or crocheting experience for those who choose to recreate the design.


Capturing the essence of the piece is vital. The company I work for invest time in photographing the finished product, highlighting its unique features and overall aesthetic.


Pattern Layout: The final step involves enlisting professional assistance to lay out the pattern in our designated template. This ensures clarity, readability, and a user-friendly experience for fellow enthusiasts who engage with the design.


In essence, each exclusive piece is a labor of love, meticulously crafted from concept to final product. This comprehensive process is a testament to my commitment to delivering high-quality, thoughtfully designed patterns that resonate with both craftsmanship and creativity.

Q: How do you select the yarn, colors, and patterns that bring your vision to life, and what challenges and triumphs do you encounter along the way?

Lena: Picking the right yarn and colors for my designs is super important to make my creative ideas come to life. It's like putting together a puzzle with many pieces, considering what works well and looks good to the people who might use it.

Choosing the yarn is a big part of my design. It could be a new yarn or one that people already love. I think about how it feels, how soft it is, and if it's easy to use. I also think about the price to make sure it's good quality but still affordable.

I really like neutral colors, and they're the starting point for many of my designs. They're like a timeless and flexible canvas. To make things more exciting, I add in bursts of colors based on what I think a lot of people will like. I want the colors to be just right for both personal style and what many people enjoy.

Designing isn't always easy. One challenge is making sure the yarn I choose works well with the design—looking good and being easy to use. It's like finding the perfect balance between something fancy and something easy for everyone.

When everything comes together, and my design turns out just like I imagined, it feels great! Seeing people happy with what they make using my designs is the best part. Even though there are challenges, overcoming them and having those happy moments keeps me excited about creating new and easy-to-follow patterns.

Q: How do you balance creating timeless pieces while staying attuned to evolving trends in the fiber arts world?

Lena: I really like timeless designs that never go out of style. These classic pieces are the
main focus of what I create. They're simple, elegant, and can be used in many different ways.

At the same time, I keep up with what's popular in the world of knitting and crochet. This helps me add a modern touch to my designs. I want my creations to feel current and exciting.

I always think about the people who will use my patterns. I want everyone to find something they like. Some people love classic styles, and others want the latest trends. My goal is to have a collection that appeals to a wide range of tastes.


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  6. Delighted to dive into Lena Skvagerson's creative journey with Jimmy Beans Wool! With her vast experience and a unique blend of timeless elegance and contemporary trends, it's inspiring to see how her designs come to life, from the initial spark of inspiration to the final stitch. Lena's approach not only showcases her talent but also serves as an inspiration to crafters globally. Can't wait to explore more about her process and the stories behind her captivating designs!

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