Meet Our Class Teacher: Lauren Gandolfo!

Get to know the talented and passionate teachers at Jimmy Beans Wool through our engaging Q&A sessions! Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Lauren Gandolfo, a needle felting enthusiast whose love for craft started at a very young age. 

How did you first get started with craft, and what drew you to teach it?

I fell in love with yarn and crochet at a very early age. My great aunt, Peggy had an entire room in her house devoted to it! That’s where I’d spend my time when we visited her in downtown Hollywood.

 Seriously, Disneyland did not compare.

 Can you share a bit about your teaching approach and what folks who take your class can expect?

I approach teaching like I do my life; if it isn’t fun, I don’t do it!


What do you hope students take away from your classes beyond technical skills? 

 Students always comment to me that I really teach potential no matter the media, it’s what you do with it that counts.


Do you have a favorite project or technique that you love to teach? If so, what makes it special to you?

One of my all-time favorite groups to teach is children. Crochet chains lead to happy hands and beyond. The moment the lightbulb flashes, “I got it “, the magic is not far away with single crochet. I’ve had very large football players give up their lunchtime to come to the art room to crochet.


 What are some ways you like to unwind (pun intended!) after a long day?

 After a long day I unwind by taking a class myself!

I am a lifelong learner, and that is why I am such a passionate teacher. I want to teach a class and take a class that is exciting .

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  2. Ms. Lauren Gandolfo is a superb instructor who infuses the classroom with enthusiasm and commitment. All of her students find learning to be engaging and productive thanks to her creative teaching strategies and kind, approachable style. Ms. Gandolfo is renowned for her capacity to uplift and encourage, cultivating an environment that is inclusive and upbeat. She goes above and above to make sure every student feels encouraged and comprehends the subject matter. She is praised by both parents and students for her dedication, originality, and the beneficial effects she has on her pupils' intellectual and personal development. Strongly advised!
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    1. Society deserves teachers like her, after all, it is them who mold the future minds.

  3. Lauren's passion for teaching is truly inspiring! Her engaging lessons and supportive nature make her a fantastic class teacher. I can't wait to see what creative projects the class tackles under her guidance. #JimmyBeansWool #InspiringTeacher
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  4. Lauren Gandolfo is a dynamic and dedicated teacher who inspires and supports her students in their learning journey. Her passion for teaching is evident in her engaging and fun teaching methods, ensuring that every student feels valued and understood. Lauren's greatest strength lies in creating a positive and inclusive learning environment, encouraging collaboration, celebrating diversity, and fostering a sense of belonging among her students. She respects everyone's voice and ideas, and is always available to listen or offer encouragement. Lauren cares about each student as an individual with unique talents, interests, and dreams. As our class teacher, we are fortunate to have Lauren as our teacher, and we hope she continues to inspire and empower us to reach for the stars.
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  5. Lauren Gandolfo's passion for crafting shines through in her teaching approach at Jimmy Beans Wool. Her dedication to making learning fun and empowering students is truly inspiring!
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