Taking advantage of the storm...


We are so happy that the flood passed us by!  We are also very glad that we took the precaution of moving all of the yarns up above the four foot level in both the warehouse and the retail shop!  We were all thrilled to be able to come back in on Monday morning and just put everything back away! Thank you to everyone for all you good thoughts, crossed needles and best wishes!  I think it all helped to move the storm south and shift to colder temperatures sooner than had been expected!

Good things often come from adversity:

Since we had all of our retail displays pulled apart we thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a little rearranging that we've been planning to do!  If you've been in the store since we rearranged the warehouse you will have noticed that the room next to retail that used to house our shippers and customer service folks now contains all of our needles, crochet hooks and books! Customers are now welcome to browse all of our needles and books!

Moving the books and needles to the other room freed up space in the retail store so that we've been able to change the arrangement of our displays.  We hope you will like it!  We have been receiving a lot of compliments on how much more open and airy the store seems!

Of course implementing big changes, especially at this busy time of year, takes a lot of time and people power so we are still working to get things completely organized, signs & prices put up and generally tidying up so we hope you'll be patient with us. We're working as quickly as we can and as always we're happy to answer any questions you may have!  I'll post some more photos when we are done.


Thank you to all our loyal customers for your support!  We couldn't do what we do with out you!


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