The 1st is Friday....

So the 1st is Friday and I can't wait to release the LLE (Lorna's Laces Limited Edition) color!! It is sooooooooooo pretty and besides you have all be trying to make my little snip bigger and it won't get any bigger. I am such a stinker :)

Don't forget that the 1st is the end of this quarter, so your rewards will be here too! Wahoo!!

I hope you will all join our LLE Fan Club and I have recently heard that some of you are unable to be on Facebook due to work constraints, but never fear you can sign up via email (which you should all do anyway) and you will be entered into the contests and get any email updates.

Now I have seen and held October's color and I am excited to get mine, but the dilemma I face is which yarn to I want it in? I finally broke down the other day and bought 2 hanks of Robot Overlord in the Honor and this yarn is super amazing!! The blend of Alpaca and Silk takes the dye in a unique way, so this particular lot really made my heart skip a beat. Too many choices to make darn it! Of course it will be available for the 1st time in the Misti Alpaca Baby Me Boo, so maybe I will have to add some of that to my stash...ugh small yarn store at my house!!

Which one of the Lorna's Laces yarns is your favorite?

As always happy knitting and crocheting!


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