Landscape collection patterns....

I am sooooooooo excited as we are almost there with the patterns featuring the new exclusive to JBW Landscape Collection by Misti Alpaca (remember we had a contest and you will be thrilled when you see those patterns too)!! It is super exciting and I just sent my final pictures to the photo lab for processing and they should be done today.

That means that I will have the pattern ready sometime next week and hopefully up on the site for your knitting pleasure! When Laura asked if I would design something for this new yarn line I jumped for joy!!!

Then it came time to take the pictures and that has been an interesting process...I tried a still life composition, it was ok, but just ok wasn't going to cut it for this great yarn!

The sample was knit and designed with little ones in mind (Huck of course) and does include instructions for a larger adult size too, but who should I get to model this one? I had Sara put the hat on and give it a go (my son Chris's girlfriend) and it just didn't quite fit her. Sooooooo in jumps our own littlest bean, Huck, who I had in mind while knitting every stitch on this hat anyway, so why not get him into the mix? Well thanks so much Doug, Laura and of course our sweetie Huck for taking the time to shoot these amazing pics for are the BEST!!!

I can't wait to get the yarn into the shop (it is coming in real soon) and work up the adult version in another color. This one is Pride Rock and I am thinking of making my bigger version in Shipwreck Cove, what do you think?

Here is the picture collage that will grace my pattern, awwww what a doll!!!!

As I was working on this I just kept saying darn it he's cute!! I am in love for sure!!!

As always happy knitting and crocheting!!


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  1. Now you've done it! First, the totally adorable Huck, then the Misti yarn and handpainted to boot, topped off by beautiful photography, and a great looking pattern. We can't resist that!

    Dorothy B

  2. I completely agree with you on all counts, darn it! Of course Huck is a doll and then there is the yarn, ooohhhh that lovely yarn!