Isn't FREE one of our favorite words???

Today through August 31st when you buy a set of the fabulous Denise interchangeable needles you will get FREE shipping AND a FREE Denise crochet hook!! What's not to love on this one?? The Denise needles are an all in one handy set of of needles ranging in size from US 5-15 with a great range of cords. They are easy to use and very portable! The ad is running on Knitting Daily and like I said it will be all done on the 31st, so check it out, as it may just be the time to complete your needle collection, or start one! I sure do wish I had known about these needles when I first started knitting and of course it's not too late to make my needles portable...ok I am in!!!

As always happy knitting and crocheting!


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