A Gourmet Monster KAL???

Well it's finally happened, Amber has come over to the dark side and is really pursuing knitting! She's an amazing crocheter, but has resisted the knitting (I certainly understand this, as I resist the crocheting) however Ailene, Nicole and Amber just cast on their very own Iris the Gourmet Monsters!! They are all using different yarns and I helped them understand the magic loop (which is suggested to work up little Iris) and they all took off!! I barely showed them how it all works and those great young minds ran with it, phew I was dizzy!

**Side note if you would like to learn the magic loop here is a small video we did about this technique...let me know if it is helpful?

To the left are Amber and Nicole and on the right is our very own Ailene and if you get a chance to have either of these 2 little beans help you I know you will enjoy it, they are both awesome!!

If you want to join in on this impromptu KAL (knit a long) feel free and I guess I have to jump on the band wagon with this adorable little monster.

I have always said that Iris is a gourmet because only the best children are eaten, but one of my customers said she thinks it's because only the best yarn is eaten and I love that!!!

As always have a GREAT day and happy knitting and crocheting! Jeanne

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  1. I just finished mine! I used Zombie BBQ in Revelation. My little one insists on calling her "Irene"

  2. I love it!! Irene is a good monster name and Zombie BBQ is amazing!