We have winners!!!!

And the winners are....Peppermint Mocha and Blueberry Snowcone!!

It was a close race and I can't tell how much your votes mean to us!! You are all amazing and it was a fun race. I can see that you are all fond of some of the older colors, as are we!

The 'new' permanent colors will be available by August 15th!! I can tell you I will be getting both colors into my stash in different weights...my poor family, ha ha!

We are currently offering our Limited Edition colors in Shepherd Sock, Shepherd Sport, Shepherd Worsted, Lion and Lamb, Helen's Lace, Honor and now Pearl! We are also offering the Greenline this month in both DK and Worsted weight. The Greenline is on sale at 50% off in this month's color Capital City! Wow!

Phew that was exciting! As always happy knitting and crocheting! Jeanne

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  1. How exciting to see the winners. Not to over do it - but would you consider doing anything about bringing back the runner up - Ice Storm - maybe for a limited time, like you originally did with the Peppermint Mocha? Thank you for the consideration.

  2. YAY! I can not wait to get these in Pearl. Thank you for doing these for those of us that can not knit with wool!!