Knitterati Countdown...1 Week & Counting!

Okay, knitting friends, the Knitterati Knit-Along countdown is officially on! We are in the home stretch, with only 1 week left to go! Have you ordered your kit yet?!

The yarn arrived to us earlier this week, and we've been non-stop packing up the kits ever since! If you've already ordered your kit, you should be receiving a shipping confirmation to your email very soon (if you haven't already)!

The Knit-Along begins NEXT Friday, March 9th, with the first square being released in Cascade's newsletter! Throughout the Knit-Along, following the release of each square, Jimmy Beans will be releasing instructional videos, over on our YouTube channel, which will detail the techniques used in each square. Perfect if you are an expert brushing up on your skills, or a beginner learning new skills!

There's a bit of mystery surrounding the Knitterati, and the Beans were determined to get to the bottom of it - to learn a bit more about the Knitterati Knit-Along kit, you can watch Matt & Nadia solve the mystery in the spoofy video below: 

We'll be counting down, until we can finally cast-on next Friday! In the words of Matt, we hope that you will "join us"!

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