Busy, busy, busy.....phew!

Like Laura said below we have been busy! Between the new shipments of yummy yarns and keeping up with your orders out there; it has been a bit crazy. Today Ashley and I (Jeanne :) built more cubes to help display and store all the new yarns. It can be a hot tedious job to use the rubber mallet on those darn cubes! Sheesh, I had to get Sandy to help me hold them on one side and use the mallet on the other side. So as the day went on we got a bit silly and tired, and then silly again. Here is the 'Possum Posse' taking a bit of a yarn nap, Z Z Z Z...
THEN Jeanne tried to take the blanket from Sandy and a yarn war broke out!
Don't worry no blood was shed or yarn hurt during this war. Just laughing and fun, but alas it is time to get back to fondling all this lovely new yarn! I am going to take home some of the Terra tonight and knit some swatches for a tank for my daughter. Shhhh it's a secret...happy knitting to all and to all a good swatch.

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  1. When do we reacquire the old spot next door and bust through the wall? It will be much better to have more running room when the yarn fights break out...more places to bob and weave too!!

  2. you are NOT sucking your thumb, are you jeanne, while cuddling up with a bag of yummy yarn? =0)

  3. every recommendation of your website is awesome.