It's done!

Finished the hood last night while watching the olympics and nursing MY OTHER LEG!
Yes - i took the dogs for a walk behind the house yesterday and caught my right shin on a fallen log ... it started bleeding immediately. i think i should stick to walking on the roads. What a summer :) The good news is, to make me feel better, we ordered dominos (it's the ONLY place in town that will deliver to our house - it's quite the treat).
Anyway, i sewed the buttons on this morning while doug made coffee. I sewed them on with mint flavored dental floss, so now my fingers smell nice and fresh :) I'll figure out the afterthough-button holes tomorrow (gotta run to reno now). This photos is a better representation of color 574, the color i used. Cute, eh?
Oh - just got off of the phone with Cheryl from Cherry Tree Hill. The Indie Dyer is going to dye some more sock yarn for us today - and i got to make color requests (i like pink, brown, and green!). She's dying up some Possum Laceweight (superwash) and also their Supersock Select Yarn ... in custom colors just for us. I'm so excited!! The supersock select is supposed to be super duper soft - the lowest micron count you can find (or something like that ... i'm not really sure what that means... haha). Anyway, now all i can think about is getting that yarn in the shop - the anticipation drives me crazy sometimes!! Ok - off to reno... (after i have a few leftover slices of my cheese pizza... )

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  1. Thank goodness it was the other leg. :-) Have you been back to cut down the offending bush that gouged you? It's interesting that you use dental floss for sewing on buttons--sounds like a good idea!

  2. Love the dental floss idea too.

    And such a cute little jacket!

    Have you thought about making i-cord loops for the buttons? I hate buttonholes-- I can never get them to look as neat as I think they should.

  3. That is a very cute hoodie. I cant believe how awesome you are at knitting.

  4. Love the little vest/jacket and the buttons are perfect. Great job.

  5. Great idea on the icord loops! I've never tried that, but will definitely try it next time.