To retro, or not??

We just got some of the coolest retro style fabric in the shop and I am all a twitter!! Felicity Miller's Charleston collection is so, so cute and I am thinking that I need some kitchen curtains out of the Sampler in Parchment.

Sampler is calling to me!!

I think that the Farmhouse, Rhythm Stripe in Night would make a lovely lining and I can use Terry's article on how to make curtains!

Retro is all the rage and this reminds me of my grandma's kitchen. My grandmother and I would get a whole crab at the local fish market once in a while and sit at the chrome, blue kitchen table and chow down!! I was pretty young when she passed, but this is one of those fond vivid memories.

I love this Farmhouse Stripe!

I remember the charming curtains in the kitchen and the print was very similar.

My favorite part of the Sampler print is the blue and peach bit that really gives it that retro feel for me.

Do you have some fond memories like mine that you would like to share with us? I know we would love to hear about them, so feel free to leave a comment if you have one and now I am off to measure my kitchen windows!!

As always happy knitting, crocheting and sewing!


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