Denise2Go Limited Edition Sets!

The original
Denise2Go sets.

Jimmy Beans Wool asked me to tell a little of the story of the new Denise2Go sets in Limited Edition prints. It is another story about big things in small packages and proving again how small our world can be.

First, some context. Earlier this year, Denise Interchangeables asked Lorna Miser (the original owner of Lorna's Laces and now author and designer) to design a cotton case to hold a small range of knitting needles --  just enough to take on vacation and have needles to hand when you stumble across some irresistible yarn. We now produce these sets as Denise2Go with pink roses outside and green and blue dots inside.

Roll Back to School
In June Laura Zander and I had lunch together at the trade show TNNA in Columbus, OH. When we do see each other for real conversations like this, we talk about zillions of topics that interest us. Like dogs, reading and sewing. Laura mentioned that Jimmy Beans Wool had started selling fabrics as well as yarns. We wondered what would happen if we used some of these fabrics to make Denise2Go cases in alternative colors.

Lorna Miser has worked with Laura since before there was Jimmy Beans Wool! Laura designed and built the first web site for Lorna’s Laces, the yarn company created by Lorna and still bearing her name. This all began before Jimmy Beans Wool was ever in business. (In fact, it was Lorna who suggested to Laura that she should open a yarn shop!) Lorna’s Laces now dyes special Limited Edition colorways of yarn for Jimmy Beans Wool every month. (This happy knitter was lucky enough to nab some Royal Wedding in April 2011 and dreams of the beautiful socks it will become.)

Needle Case in progress
And suddenly over that lunch table at TNNA, these ideas collided! What if we take the model of a new colorway for Denise2Go each month, produced in a limited edition, and just for customers at Jimmy Beans Wool?

They look so snazzy with
the teal cables!
Now, less than three months later, we are so excited to introduce you to what we hope will be the first of many Limited Editions: “Roll Back to School!” 

An adorable bicycle print provides a fun alternative to roses-and-dots and the inside needles are a gray with teal cables. There are just 46 of these sets available, and each set is numbered so that it is truly a collectible! We also have a series of other beautiful limited editions waiting in the wings for the coming months!

Laura, Lorna and I live far apart and sadly do not see each other very often, yet distance is not a barrier to us in imagining possibilities.

We hope you love the special limited edition Denise2Go prints as much as we do!

Happy knitting,
Barbara (from Denise Needles)

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Roll Back to School


  1. Will there be other patterns/sets in the near future?

  2. Love the concept and the color alternative.

  3. Yes! We will have a new color/pattern combo each month!