Mrs. Crosby and I go to Europe!

Leanne recently went on a trip to Europe. Just before she left, some samples of the new Mrs. Crosby yarns arrived here at the shop. We thought it would be fun to make Mrs. Crosby her travel companion (given the fun and spunky character that she is) and Leanne quickly agreed! The bonus was that Mrs. Crosby fits easily into a carry on...Here is Leanne's account of their adventure!

Hi, Leanne here! 

I first met Mrs. Crosby (a new line of hand dyed decadence from the makers of Lorna’s Laces) a few days before leaving on a whirlwind tour of Western Europe. We knew we were kindred spirits from the moment our hands met, and I couldn’t help but invite her to come travel with me… of course she said, “Yes!”

Our trip began at the Reno/Tahoe Airport. We arrived early and stayed late. So late in fact (our connecting flight from Reno to LAX was delayed), that we missed the plane to London, the first stop on our trip. Never ones to begrudge a unexpected opportunity for adventure, Mrs. Crosby and I stayed the night in star-studded Los Angeles, took in a movie, and enjoyed a few glasses of wine at the hotel bar before turning in for the night.

Tucked in, in LA!

Mrs. Crosby ready for take-off! 

Thankfully, trading a day in LA for a day in London was the only inconvenience in an otherwise trouble-free vacation. Our journey resumed the next afternoon without a hitch, and we landed at Heathrow the following morning. With less than 24 hours available before catching a train to Paris, we had a lot of sight-seeing to accomplish. No matter, Mrs. Crosby is a pro at making memories even with jetlag and a tight timeline. The moment our bags hit the floor of our hotel, we jumped on the tube, walked through Trafalgar Square, did a drive-by of Big Ben and Westminster Abby, strolled through a park to see Buckingham Palace, and ended our night with a dinner of fish and chips and a show in the West End where they served ice cream at intermission. Of course Mrs. Crosby and I indulged in this unanticipated treat!

At Buckingham Palace

More London sightseeing!

Mrs. Crosby needed a moment to
check in with Mr. Crosby.

The breakneck pace of our journey continued, taking a high-speed train through the Chunnel and arriving in Paris for two epic days of francophone bliss (I studied French in college, and albeit cliché, Paris is one of my favorite cities). Among other things, we took an evening boat tour of the river Seine from which we watched the Eiffel Tower sparkle, visited the Louvre, ate as many pastries as we could find, and climbed up to Montmartre where we were rewarded with crepes and a breathtaking view of the city.

The Louvre.

Notre Dame.
Boat tour on the Seine.
The Eiffel Tower!
Apple tart in Paris!

 After Paris, we went on to Lucerne, Switzerland. Here breakfast was much heartier than it had been in France, and we traded our wine glasses for bottles of beer. With only a day to soak up Switzerland, we spent our morning taking in the brisk alpine air, and filled our afternoon with shopping at a local flee market. Before heading back to the hotel for dinner, we enjoyed cappuccinos on the sunny patio of a café. As you might imagine, Mrs. Crosby is an excellent companion for people-watching, in addition to being an exceptional travel partner.

Swiss beer!

And dessert too!
Our trip ended in Munich, after a brief stop in the principality of Liechtenstein and an afternoon visit to Neuschwanstein Castle (the whimsical structure that inspired Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty castle). In Germany we sampled brats from street vendors, drank impossibly huge mugs of beer at the beer hall, visited the BMW museum, and concocted elaborate schemes to postpone our European adventure. We almost ended up with an extra day or two due to an airline strike, but it “conveniently” ended the night we were scheduled to depart.

In Liechtenstein!

Neuschwanstein Castle
German Beer!

BMW Museum, Mrs. Crosby likes to go fast!

If ever you are in need of a traveling companion, I would highly recommend Mrs. Crosby. This plucky lady certainly knows how to have a good time and she has a knack for turning the ordinary into the unexpected. I can only hope she will be available for my next voyage whether it be domestic or international!

Happy knitting, crocheting, and adventuring!

Leanne and Mrs. Crosby

Leanne's Mrs. Crosby companion in Europe is the Carpet Bag base in the Midnight Aubergine color. You can view this and all of the other Mrs. Crosby yarns here

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