7 Years of Amazing Limited Edition Colors and a Vote


Once Upon a Time
Nobody likes to miss out on a good thing, but we've all been there at one time or another.  When it comes to missing out on limited edition yarn, it’s an extra bummer. So here’s your chance to pick up a Lorna’s Limited Edition color that you may have missed out on the first time around! Or, it's an opportunity to pick up a few more skeins of your all-time favorite color. :)
Sea Turtle Dream

For the last seven years, we've had a limited edition color (or colors!) each month inspired by our favorite books and TV shows, the weather, life events, or just our whims.  We wanted to do something really special to celebrate all the unique and inspiring colorways that we've featured over the years and have decided to bring back 7 of the most popular previous colors for a limited time in the month of September. How will we know which ones were the most popular? We’ll take a vote!
The Beans and their favorite colors
Royal Wedding
Starting Friday, August 1st, you'll be able to cast your vote for the color you'd most like to see again on our Facebook page or in a thread on our Ravelry group. If you need a refresher for all the options, you can find them all on the Lorna’s Limited Edition Page. As you're dreaming about projects and colors, keep in mind that since we're bringing 7 whole colors back, we won't have them on every base. You'll be able to get the winning colors on the most popular Lorna's Laces bases: Shepherd Sock, Shepherd Worsted, and Honor.

That's How We Roll
Voting ends at the end of the day Friday, August 8th. We’ll announce the 7 winners on August 9th and start taking pre-orders so that you can be sure not to miss out on your favorite color while it lasts! We can't wait to see which colors top the list of the all-time favorites!

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  1. I love Winter is Coming. As a Texas girl trapped in the land of the Yeti I face every Reno winter with the same sense of dread.

    Linda Gallegos

  2. October 2009 Trick or Treat! I will buy so many skeins if this one is brought back. I love it!

  3. Ice Storm - I wasn't a knitter when it came out and would love to work with it.


  4. Bated Breath. January 2014 I just love the softness of the colors

  5. I vote for The White Witch's Lure--it's appearance is that of softness, very ethereal, something you'd want to wrap yourself up in.

  6. Purple Mojito - such a beautiful combination

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