Happy 25th Anniversary Zara!!!!!

We would like to wish  Filatura Di Crosa's Zara Family of Yarns a happy happy 25th anniversary!!!! We got together with Tahki Stacy Charles in the Spring of 2014 to style and work with the uber talented Brad Swonetz to photograph Zara Classics with a West Coast feel, and had a brilliant time working with the stunning and versatile pieces!!!  

I also had the privilege of asking three top designers John Brinegar, Irina Poludnenko, Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton why they love working with Zara!!!

John: For me, Zara is a knitter's/crocheter's best friend. It's a loyal yarn with amazing stitch definitions, tons of colors, and a slick, buttery feel as you're working with it. It's been on eof my staple yarns for years now, whether I'm swatching or designing. It's one of those things that should be in a roadside survival kit. Blanket, extra jugs of clean water, candles, flares, and Zara!

John Brinegar - Acros Collection for Tahki Stacy Charles

Irina: I have been using Zara Yarns for 20 years [...] and have made numerous designs in this yarn It is my favorite yarn to use because it is not only high quality, soft, pleasant to use, but also has a wide range of beautiful colors. Zara yarn can be used from anything from baby hats and blankets to elegant adult designs. After 25 years, it still remains the most popular yarn for knitters. 

Caterina Pullover by Irina Poludnenko

Cornelia: Zara showcases stitch patterns very well and has a great elasticity. A well-designed yarn and a delight to work with! 

Zara Cabled Tunic by Cornelia Tuttle-Hamilton

This has been an amazing experience working with Tahki Stacy Charles and the Filatura Di Crosa Zara Family of Yarns!!! We wish you 25 more years of success and beauty!!!


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