Arctic exploration has never been so cozy!

As the winter weather moves into full swing, the retail store will be hosting tons of fabulous trunk shows to keep you warm and inspired! We can't wait to share all of the pretty things we'll be getting in with you! Trunk shows are a wonderful way to see how yarns perform in various garments and the ideas they give us will keep our hooks, needles & looms flying all winter!

First show up, is Tundra from The Fibre Company, just in time for frigid weather!  Tundra is a lofty, bulky, 2-ply blend of baby alpaca, merino wool and silk, making it sumptuously soft and giving it a surprisingly nice drape for a thicker yarn. On loan to the shop right now are eight garments, including cowls, hats, gloves, and a shawl. Stop by if you can to check them out and give them a pet, they will be here until November 14th.

 Check out the colors of Tundra Yarn here.

Terry was immediately drawn to the Tallin done in the color Larch, since she loves both autumnal colors and the textures of the cables & moss stitches.  Jen A went straight for the Copenhagen Hood in Scotia Sea.
Jill grabbed the Auckland Hat to try on...yes, mostly because she loves the color, Boreal!  But the all over plaited cable pattern gives it just the right amount of texture, too.

Justine tried on the gorgeous detailed Arctic Circle Cowl, in Glacier.  It's not surprising that out of all the fabulous patterns from the Tundra Collection, this quick knit has received the most love on Ravelry!

Sam tried on the Permafrost cowl in Taiga, and after some debate on styling, decided she liked it best to the side.  Leslie tried on the Fairbanks in Lingonberry, a simple infinity scarf that would be a great project for beginning knitters!

Diana was all bundled up in the warehouse, but was happy to trade out her cold weather gear to try on the warm & soft  Harbin cowl in Glacier with an i-cord edging in Taiga.

Monika got to try on the Svalbard hat and gloves set, which was one of the first patterns to sell out when we got in the samples!  But we'll have more on the way, so you can get it from us or from Ravelry! ( And we know you'll ask, but the sweater was from Orvis, it wasn't one of her handmade tops!)

The Retail Team - Gus, JenA, Jill, Matt & Terry


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