Roadtrip Knitting

My favorite part about road trips?

Guilt free knitting time!
Seriously, there is absolutely no way that I would have gotten this far w/o some significant car time. Quite frankly, I probably would have quit a long time ago if i hadn't had a few hours in a row to make - and then appreciate! - my progress. And for me, progress is like a drug... the more I make, the more I want!

3 shards down, 8 to go!
Stitch Markers: A Bit of Spark (p.s. i use the safety pin in place of the spare needle when holding those extra 5 sts at the end of each shard... it's working great!)
Trip Details: Reno->Mammoth, CA ->Reno

Knitter: Me! (Laura)
Driving & Singing: Doug
Additional Entertainment: Huck :)
Added bonus? Seeing rainbows on the way home!




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