Reno/Tahoe locals: Our second Sip & Shop the Warehouse event is coming up!

It's that time of the month again and we are so happy to host another monthly Sip & Shop the Warehouse event for our amazing local customers!

We had so much fun with our first-ever Sip & Shop the Warehouse event last month that we decided to make this a monthly event every third Thursday for our Reno/Tahoe friends to enjoy with us.

Join us this Thursday (June 15th) from 5-8pm for a night filled with tasty refreshments, an exclusive shopping experience, special in-store discounts and a raffle, knitting, and so much yarn that you won't even know how to contain yourself! Plus we just received a brand new shipment of stunning Madelinetosh Onesies in every base, and you will get first-pick of these yarns before everyone else online!

Grab some friends and get in on the action - we can't wait to see you here ♥


Jimmy & the Beans

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