Crochet Club 2019! Q&A with Katy of KT and the Squid!

We're already two weeks into 2019 and we hope that you all had a fantastic Holiday Season! We are so very excited for the New Year and all of the wonderful things that it brings with it: new resolutions, new surprises, and new Jimmy's Clubs! But this year, we wanted to do something a little bit different: you see, behind every yarn and pattern we feature in our clubs there's a dyer and a designer; they are all incredibly creative, hardworking individuals and we just wanted to give you the chance to get to know them a little bit better!

First up is our designer for Q1 of Jimmy's Crochet Club: Katy of KT and the Squid and we are
so, so excited to be working with her! She has developed many wonderful designs that have struck the perfect balance of practicality and style! Katy also grew up in Reno and frequently visited our store back in our early days!

Why did you start designing patterns?

Back in 2009 I started selling finished items on Etsy just to make a little extra income. People started asking for the patterns so I gave it a shot and realized I really enjoyed it. So in 2014 I became a full time designer.

What was the first pattern that you designed? 

A hat! It was really simple but I actually didn't publish the pattern until a few years later.

Where do you find your inspiration for your patterns? 

This is always a tough question because I get inspiration for a lot of places. I find myself on fashion blogs a lot of the times looking for shapes or styles of garments. 

Is there any particular pattern that has a special meaning to you? 

My Favorite Crochet Pullover is really special to me. When I was making the first sample I was in front of the mirror at home and my husband walked in. He said, "Wow, that looks like a real sweater!" We laughed it off but oddly, the comment made me feel really good about it.

Would you describe how you feel when you see someone making/wearing your designs?

I try to keep my cool but I get so excited! I love seeing what people have made from my patterns. It's like seeing your kid score a goal in a soccer game. I feel proud of myself but also really proud of the person who made it. 

What are some signature features of your designs?

I tend to have a pretty simple style but I really try to think of the functionality or the fit (if it's a garment) of my designs.

Are there any “rituals” that you might have while designing patterns? 

I always start with a sketch. I'm not the best illustrator but I like putting what's in my head to paper to help me visualize it.

If you could partner with any dyer, who would it be and why?

This is a hard one because I love so many dyers! Montana Crochet, A Homespun House, Casual Fashion Queen, Hue Loco...I could go on! 

Are there any hints you can give about upcoming designs? 

I have plans for a big collection in 2019. All I'll say is if your looking to learn more about making garments (even if you've made a lot already) you'll love it. 

What’s on your needles/crochet hooks now? 

I'm finishing up my second Mala Pullover in some yarn I dyed myself. I like to do one selfish project around this time of year so that's this.


Have you signed up for Crochet Club yet?? It's not too late! You can still subscribe here and you'll get everything you need to make Katy's project!

Crochet Club 2019 Q1 Project

**Please note: Jimmy's Crochet Club is a 3-month progressive project. In order to complete the project in its entirety, Club members who join after the first or second month have already been shipped will receive the previous month(s) contents. This means that new subscribers will be billed upfront for any prior month of the 3-month window. 

Want to see more of KT and the Squid?? You can find all of her designs here!

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