Indie Club 2019! Q&A with Hue Loco!

Behind every yarn and pattern we feature in our clubs there's a dyer and a designer; they are all incredibly creative, hardworking individuals and we want to give you the chance to get to know them a little bit better!

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In this post, we get to meet Nicole from Hue Loco, our Indie Club dyer for February! Hue Loco has so many fun colors (their Backyard Chickens collections are amazing) that will make you go . . . loco.

Why did you start dyeing yarn? 
I started dyeing yarn for my own stash needs about 3 years ago in my kitchen. 

Why did you name the company Hue Loco? 
      I wanted a company name that stood out and encompassed my love for color and the creative life, thus Hue Loco (color crazy) was born!

What was the first color that you dyed and why did you start with that? 
     The very first colorway that I sold was Compliment Me. The name is a play on the color wheel, for Hue Loco it was the perfect first.

Where do you find your inspiration for colors? 
     We have so many colorways! It’s important for me to stay excited about creating, I pull from a wide range of inspiration from nature to my kids and even chickens! 

Is there any particular color that has a special meaning to you? 
      Many of the colors are special to me, however, I do have a base that’s very near and dear to my heart! Our Phyllis Sock base is named after my grandmother Phyllis who recently turned 82. She has always been a big part of my life, and still one of the coolest women I’m blessed to have in my life. 

 Would you describe how you feel when you see a garment made from your yarn? 
     It makes me super excited to know that someone chose to use my yarn in their special project. I’m very proud. 

 What would you say is the best thing about your yarn? 
      We have a studio full of fine & fiber artists so our yarns are always really fresh in color and relevance. I’d say, that makes us pretty special. 

For what kinds of projects are your yarns best suited? 
     We offer a wide range of bases to our customers, so I’d like to think Hue Loco yarns are suited for all types of projects!

If you could partner with any designer, who would it be and why? 
      I’ve really been loving Jessie Maed’s recent designs. They marry color & construction so beautifully. She’s also size inclusive which I love too. Are you reading this Jessie? :)

What’s next for the future of Hue Loco? 
      I’m in a really happy place with my company. For the last three years I’ve been a work horse. I’d like to take the time to enjoy life a bit more and do some spontaneous collaborations in 2019.

What’s on your needles/crochet hooks? 
      Right now I’m going in between my cozy memories blanket, Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry and a new design I’ve been working on. I like to keep 2-3 projects on my needles at all times.

Legos, Lincoln Logs, Mega Bloks, or K’nex and why? 
     Legos! I have three boys, I’m very confident in my lego building skills. 

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Also be sure to check out the rest of Hue Loco's yarn as well as their podcast!

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