March Indie Club 2019! Q&A with Petra Schwarczova of Black Elephant!

Behind every yarn and pattern we feature in our clubs there's a dyer and a designer; they are all incredibly creative, hardworking individuals and we want to give you the chance to get to know them a little bit better!

We're on our third month of Jimmy's Indie Club and we are super excited to introduce you to the dyer of Black Elephant yarns: Petra Schwarczova! Petra dyed one of our 2018 Micro Brew yarns and we are so happy to get to work with her again! 

Why did you start dyeing yarn? 
It started as a hobby, as I wanted to dye something for myself.

Why did you name the company Black Elephant? 

Black is my surname in German (Schwarz) and Elephant was on a notebook my mum gave me for my birthday to write my knitting patterns in. Also, when I was younger, she used to tell me that I walk like an elephant (loud). :)

What was the first color that you dyed and why did you start with that? 

It was antique mauve and it was one of the colours in the dyer starter pack I bought at a yarn show

Where do you find your inspiration for colors? 

Everywhere really. Nature, architecture, music, films, documentaries. I see colors everywhere.

Is there any particular color that has a special meaning to you? 

Not that I am aware of, but judging on the colourways I have dyed already, I seem to be drawn to different shades of orange and blue - no idea why.

Would you describe how you feel when you see a garment made from your yarn?

It might seem weird, but I inspect how it knits, whether I like how it knits/crochet and if there is a room for improvement for that particular colourway. I have been always an anxious person and always on a search for that perfect colourway, so I feel relieved when I see positive comments about my yarns from people knitting with them.

What would you say is the best thing about your yarn? 

 I can't say what is the best as I am my own worst critic and am never 100% happy - there is always something to make better, learn more.

For what kinds of projects are your yarns best suited? 

For any garments, sky is the limit. :)

If you could partner with any designer, who would it be and why?

That's a hard question. I like so many and can't single out just one.

What’s next for the future of Black Elephant? 

We have just taken additional room next to our studio which I am preparing to have for knitting/crochet workshops - it would be great to have people around as being locked in the dyeing room can be very lonely sometimes. I would also love to try designing some patterns when I find time between dyeing sessions.

What’s on your needles/crochet hooks? 

Sadly nothing at the moment, but I have recently finished Andrea Mowry's Nurtured Sweater and I love it.

If you had a yacht, what would you name it and why? 

Lorelai, after the character from my all time favourite TV series Gilmore Girls ( I think I watched all seasons about 7 times by now)


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