Jimmy's Knit Club Q2 2019! Q&A with Jenny Nelson!

Behind every yarn and pattern we feature in our clubs there's a dyer and a designer; they are all incredibly creative, hardworking individuals and we want to give you the chance to get to know them a little bit better!

We're already onto Q2 for 2019's Knit Club; time flies when we're havin' fun! This project was designed by our very own Jenny Nelson! She's the coolest and an awesome designer! Find out a little more about her in this Q&A!

Why did you start designing patterns?

I decided to experiment with designing as a new way to challenge myself. Many of my friends/former coworkers are talented knitters and designers, and they were all very supportive of the idea and offered just the right amount of encouragement.

 What was the first pattern that you designed?

I designed the Berries & Cream Cowl for Jimmy Beans' Big Beanie Bag subscription back in the summer of 2017.

  Is there any particular pattern that has a special meaning to you?

The Mindy's Hat pattern I designed for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2017 was very special to me. I was so honored and excited to have been approached to create that design, and of course Mindy is a dear friend of mine so it will always remind me of her!

Would you describe how you feel when you see someone making/wearing your designs?

So, so happy! A friend of mine was so excited about my Mindy's Hat pattern because the sample fit her head just right (she had always struggled finding winter hats that fit and looked good on her), and so I just had to knit one for her in her favorite color! And the way she was able to style it with her own wardrobe was pretty cool too! It looked very modern and classy!

Are there any “rituals” that you might have while designing patterns?

Hmmm... Perhaps when I have more designs under my belt I will uncover a ritual! :)

If you could partner with any dyer, who would it be and why?

Rachel of Unraveled Designs, of course!

Are there any hints you can give about upcoming designs?

I recently purchased the book Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible and the stitch patterns inside are so beautiful! The next pattern I design will likely be inspired by something I found in that book.

What’s on your needles/crochet hooks now?

I'm knitting a really beautiful cowl using The Fibre Co.'s Road to China Light yarn. The pattern is called Tilting Lines and it's from the book Knitting Short Rows by Jennifer Dassau. It's lacy and utilizes short rows to create a really flattering ruched look. 

Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever knitted?

I don't think it's necessarily crazy, but at the bottom of the Grand Canyon when I backpacked there for my 30th birthday! :)

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