January Wool-ology!

Pictured above, from left to right: Scheepjes Stone Washed - 810 Garnet, Urth Yarns Monokrom Worsted - 4054, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock - Maple Grove, Lorna's Laces Set in Palladium - Garnet, Malabrigo Rios - 033 Cereza, Blue Sky Fibers Alpaca Silk - 138 Garnet, Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage - Poison, Cascade Luminosa - 04 Garnet, Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted - 0355 Garnet Mix.

January is always a little bit of a strange time of the year for us. While we spend a good chunk of it planning our year out and setting goals for ourselves (only after partying into the New Year, of course), it’s like the rest of the month just drifts away and passes us by! Some of the Beans around the office have been super into astrology and personality quizzes lately, so it’s only natural this fascination finds its way into our projects through our yarn and accessories!

The birthstone for January is garnet!

This stone is associated with strength and courage, meaning you are typically the go-to person to seek out when someone needs help or advice! Strong, steadfast and durable, you’re a rock (pun intended!) for others to lean on, and you don’t mind it - after all, it’s a chivalrous life to live!

January babies are also unafraid to do things alone with a mindset of “if you want something done, do it yourself,” which might actually be the reason why y’all are such good crafters, hehe! While garnet is known to be a deep wine red, this gem is also found in shades of orange, brown, and even green!

-- ♑︎ -- ♒︎ --

We also mentioned that we were geeking out about astrology (but really, we kind of always do that around here). Starting out the year (but not the zodiac itself) are the two signs associated with January, Capricorn and Aquarius

Please note: All people are unique and multi-faceted and not everyone is a textbook version of their sign. This is just meant to be some simple fun to include more color into our projects and maybe even some shades we don't always stash away!

♑︎ - Capricorn is the sign known for being practical and responsible if maybe a little distant at times. Capricorns can be quite the workaholics and make great leaders as they know exactly when to pull the reins to buckle down for work and when to allow themselves to be a little goofy (though, they find true peace when they can marry the two worlds or work and play together). Like most earth signs, they value their own space and the quality of their work (we know a few Capricorns that challenged themselves with extravagant projects). Independent and solid, Capricorns are ruled by Saturn and have the associated shades of brown and black.
Suggested project type for Capricorn: Colorwork Pullover.


♒︎ - Aquarius is a sign of deep thinking and problem-solving, making them excellent at figuring out puzzles (escape room, anyone?!), though they can be emotionally distant at times. It can sometimes be a little hard to get them out of their shells, but Aquarius-born people love to be challenged and relish in the opportunity to figure out a new puzzle or fight for a cause they're invested in. Ruled by the planet Uranus, they adapt to the energies found around them like a chameleon when they're comfortable enough. Their associated colors are light blue and silver.
Suggested project type for Aquarius: Brioche Wrap.

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