February Wool-ology!

February, while typically a shorter month, is probably one of the more exciting months of the year for lovebirds! While it’s still a little chilly, it doesn’t stop us from trying to be as warm as possible both inside and out - we love all of our February babies so much, so it’s about time they get their time to shine!

The birthstone for February is amethyst!

Associated with wisdom and inner healing, amethyst is also known to promote self-assurance, confidence, and even helps brighten one’s outlook on life!

There is a certain loving quality about the amethyst that makes it so magnetic to people and those of us born in February are no stranger to this attraction!

Amethyst is sought after for its qualities and overall beauty with its hues ranging from pale lavender to deep violet.

People born in February are known to be honest and original in their ideas, though, they also carry an air of mystery to them!

-- ♒︎ -- ♓︎ --

While we end the second month of the year, it's also worth noting that the two signs associated with February are Aquarius and Pisces.

Please note: All people are unique and multi-faceted and not everyone is a textbook version of their sign. This is just meant to be some simple fun to include more color into our projects and maybe even some shades we don't always stash away!

♒︎ - Aquarius is known for being a deep thinker and as someone who appreciates a good challenge to figure out just how good at puzzle-solving they are (hint: they're like, REALLY good). Aquarius-born people aren't always the most emotional, and would rather distance themselves from anything mildly unpleasant, but when they find something they really enjoy, like a new hobby or a cause, they're all in!  They are big on people-watching and just like to observe most days. While that's their forte, they DO still love being around people, finding their way into any group or organization with ease! Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus and is associated with the shades silver and light blue.
Suggested project type for Aquarius: Brioche Shawl.


♓︎ - Pisces individuals are known for being very friendly and wise, meaning they're magnets for all sorts of people! They're artistically inclined (which isn't a surprise, given our hobby of choice, hehe!) and enjoy listening to music whenever they get the chance to. Pisces is also a sign of compassion and intuition, but can sometimes drift into being a little too forgiving, often hurting them in the end. Despite this, they try their best to look on the bright side of life - this helps with the trait of Pisces being the most tolerant of all the zodiac signs, being ruled by not only Neptune but Uranus as well! Their associated colors consist of shades of purple (like lilac and violet) and sea green.
Suggested project type for Pisces: Pouf-Sleeved Sweater.


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