Jimmy's Knitting Hacks

It’s always nice when you find out a life hack that actually makes your life better! 

We thought to ourselves, “Hey! WE should do a knitting hacks blog!” So we set off on a journey to scour the grand land of the internet and we waded into the office waters, asking Team Beans for some of their BEST knitting hacks yet. We present to you: the top 5 knitting hacks from Team Beans! 

But we ask that you do one thing before you read this list. Imagine yourself in the middle of a really bad infomercial. Suddenly! A voice in the sky appears it’s a deep voice….it BOOMS out at you….

  1. Are YOU tired of CONSTANTLY having to unlock your phone to look at your pattern?? Sick of having to set down your project and LOSE COUNT of where you’re at to look at your pattern?? Well...have we got the solution FOR YOU! Make your pattern your phone background. Easy as pie, Now you just tap! and your pattern is right there. 

  1. Do you ever lose count of your stitches?? And you think...man I really wish I had a stitch marker. But you look around and there’s NONE in your house, just lots and lots of skeins of yarn, plenty of needles, but NO stitch markers. Man...what are you gonna do?! Well...have we got a solution for YOU. You’ve got P-L-E-N-T-Y of yarn. So just...use that! Cut 6-8" pieces of yarn, tie in an overhand knot, leaving a loop to act as the stitch marker. Trim the tails to about 1/2 an inch, and you're ready to go.

  1. Stuck in traff--...well...probably not anymore, but WHEN you’re stuck in traffic or on public transportation...and you think to yourself, I think I’m going to start on my project I’ve been putting off right now...but you look...and you have NO NEEDLES?!? The HORROR. But you might have...two pencils or pens right? WELL USE THOSE. There are no RULES. You can do what you want. It’s chaotic good. 

  1. Are YOU trying to be a little more eco-friendly...you tend to save the coffee cups that you get from your favorite coffee shop?? But you’re not quite sure what to do with it?! Well, think...a YARN BOWL...just pop off the top, put your yarn inside, feed the end through the hole in the lid, and - viola! - yarn bowl with yarn feeder! Easy peasy. 

  1. Alright, the last hack here we go, but we have a gift! Instead of ONE hack, we’re giving you a BUNCH all at ONCE. Some rapid-fire hacks coming at you fast. Get READY alright. Need a cable needle? Try a Toothpick for sock weight, pencil for chunky weight yarn. Need stitch markers? Get bulb pins super cheap bulk on amazon or go the super cheap option and keep an eye out for bulb pins as clothing pins for clothes. Need a place to stab your double pointed needles when you want to take a break? Well, look no further than a wine bottle...cork of courke--er course! 

End scene!

Thanks for playing along in our infomercial. Hopefully, some of these Bean Certified and Approved Knitting Hacks (trademark pending) actually do improve your life!

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