June Pop-Up Shop: Neighborhood Fiber Co!

We are very excited to announce our 2020 Pop-Up Shop series! Each month, we will be featuring an indie yarn dyer or company, showcasing their yarn, and highlighting perfect patterns to go with them! We'll also share an interview with the owners and designers here on the blog. All photos courtesy of Neighborhood Fiber Co on Facebook.

Karida from Neighborhood Fiber Co
This June, our Pop-Up Shop is Neighborhood Fiber Co! Founded by the ever-colorful and brilliant Karida, Neighborhood Fiber Co has about a million bases (and we would never exaggerate) and a BILLION vibrant colorways. Okay, not really, but it sure feels that way when you're browsing their shop! We've picked some of our favorites to bring on here at Jimmy Beans for June. We had a chance to chat with Karida about her yarn, what inspires her, and more - check it out below! 

1.      What inspired you to start Neighborhood Fiber Co?
In 2006, I had finished grad school and was working full time in a yarn shop. I knew that I wanted to own my own business, and I realized that I wasn't seeing the kind of yarn that I wanted to use represented in any of the shops. I wanted to create the kinds of colors that I loved but didn't see available anywhere.

Weaving project using NFC yarn2.      What would you say is the best thing about your yarn? 
The best thing about my yarn is the saturation and vibrance of the colors. When I started dyeing, I was completely self-taught. Even then, I knew that my signature would be the intensity of my colors. I actually used to just use WAY too much dye, and turn everyone's hands and needles purple.

3.      How and where do you find inspiration for your colors?
I take my inspiration from urban landscapes. I love cities, and I want other people to see the beauty in urban spaces too. Sometimes, it's a piece of graffiti or a mural that inspires a colorway, and sometimes it's just a feeling I get about the neighborhood. Cities are beautiful places.

4.      What was the first thing you ever knit or crocheted from your own yarn?
It was a pair of socks! And I have no idea what happened to them.

 5.      And, just for fun – If you could design a parade float that was fiber themed, what would it look like?
It would probably involve something naughty like burlesque dancers and knitted pasties and ball jokes. I would want to shock people.

Find our whole selection of Neighborhood Fiber Co yarn here!

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