Jaw-Dropping Shark Facts!

To celebrate our favorite week of jaw-dropping shark facts and finny fish puns, we took this oppor-tuna-ty to ask around the Jimmy Beans and Madelinetosh warehouses to settle the ongoing debate once and for all:
Who IS the best shark out there?

It’s no surprise that we all have a special place in our hearts for different sharks – after all, there are almost 500 types of shark out there! And that’s just from what we know! About 80% of our own oceans remain unmapped, so who knows what could be down there (other than mermaids and Atlantis, of course)!?

Our Warehouse Wizard, Nate was the first to tell us his favorite, which is none other than the goblin shark! His reasoning was just how neat their 4” extendable jaw is! Named after one of the cooler folk legend monsters, he appreciates that it’s, well, pretty dang ugly, but beautiful in its own right! While some of the other Beans disagreed with him, with comments like “the stuff of nightmares…” and “That’s terrifying!” he held firm with his love for this ugly-cute creature!

The gentle giant, the whale shark, was voted on by our Marketing Maven, Sarah, and the titular Tosh Wholesale Manager, Angela. They gushed over how it isn’t even a whale at all and bonded over their love for the “puppy dog of the ocean”! You would think with its size, it would be scary, but on the contrary – the whale shark is quite the benign beauty! Did you know that whale sharks are filter feeders but have around 3,000 teeth!? They only use them to give us a big ol’ smile, and we can’t help but smile back!

Our Wholesale Heiress, Jenna, chimed in with the anxious-looking thresher shark! Her favorite thing about this elegant fellow was their strange and innovative way of hunting! By using their long tail to their advantage, they whip around in the water and stun any fish caught in the attack! Though, Jenna did take issue with the fact that we made her choose a single shark as she finished her statement with, “All sharks are cute, how dare you make me pick just one!” Sorry for making you choose, Jenna!

Keeping on his brand of ominous, our Newsletter Nobleman, Wren, chose the frilled shark, citing, “They’re like creepy, primordial water snakes!”. This serpent-like nightmare is considered a cousin of the goblin shark, which explains its freaky appearance! It has 25 rows of backward-facing, trident-shaped teeth, counting up to 300 in total! If that wasn’t enough, it also has spines in its mouth, making it near impossible for a fish (or even other sharks) to escape its maw. Eek!

Our Pattern Professional, Alex, turned the conversation to something more wholesome, happily sharing her love for the 400-year-old Greenland shark. This giant can thank its long lifespan due to the freezing waters they hang out in, which slows their metabolism down to a crawl. Due to the depths it's found in, the chances of attacking a human are low, and this sweet guy typically scavenges on things ranging from smaller fish to things like seals, polar bears, and even reindeer!

The Madelinetosh Shipping Magician, Jeremy, excitedly responded to the question by pledging his love for the hammerhead shark! The Boss Bean herself, (Mrs. Jimmy, if you will), seconded that notion, and we can’t blame them! Hammerhead sharks have a unique appearance that helps give them an edge in hunting – they have an almost perfect 360-degree field of view! In addition to their incredible hunting skills, some species are surprisingly communal and travel in schools!

Maybe not exactly a favorite, but worthy of a spotlight is a beast that the Jimmy Beans General Momager, Shannon, had a close encounter with one when she lived in Australia! We’re lucky she’s here to tell the tale of the terrifying tiger shark (AKA the ocean’s garbage disposal)! Nothing is safe from this creature, not birds, or license plates, or even a human arm?! That’s right; a human arm was barfed up by a captive tiger shark, who unknowingly assisted in uncovering details of a murder mystery – yikes!

Our Tech Titan, Ashton, felt the need to go big in her adoration for the famed megalodon! A close relative of the great white shark, the teeth on this behemoth could reach as big as the size of your hand – no thanks! While extinct (or, is it?), this enormous shark seems to be on everyone’s minds lately, and we can’t help but shiver at the fact that it’s believed a megalodon bite force could be up to 180,000 newtons – that’s over 40,000 lbs! Yeah, we’re gonna stay on land for a while.

You may find yourself reading through these stories, anticipating the King of the deep – don’t you worry, we’ve had two Beans, Aiyana, the Queen of Customer Service, and Chalyn, the Warehouse Witch bonded over their love for the great white shark! Marveling over their razor-sharp teeth that can grow up to 6.6 inches in height, we can see why anyone would be impressed with this terror of the tides! This smiley fellow has stolen the hearts of all, as well as the spotlight in horror movies and children’s films alike!

Of course, we had some trouble makers in this poll, thinking they could get around the question by making us crack up.
Our Yarn Snatcher, Terry, surprised us all with a blast from the past, telling us about his favorite shark being a Street Shark, which got us all to reminisce about the good ol’ days of the 90s!

As you all know, JBW HQ is located in Reno, Nevada, which is home to a multitude of casinos, and everywhere you look, there’s a slot machine! In gas stations, in the airport, even in Jimmy Beans (though, ours is for yarn so that automatically makes it better, just sayin’)!! So our Deal Dutchess, Dawn, didn’t miss a beat, saying she loves a good “Card Shark”!

Of course, we have some honorable mentions:

- Angelshark: This adorable little guy has the ultra-fun-to-say scientific name of Squatina squatina and is flat like a flounder. While relatively small, these babies can pack a punch!

- Cookiecutter shark: This tiny terror earns its name by its feeding habit of gouging holes into larger prey like, well, a cookiecutter! Did we mention they also glow?!

- Nurse shark: Acting as the vacuum of the sea, this beauty scours the ocean floor looking for its prey, and they look surprisingly huggable, which is reflected in their nocturnal snuggle parties!

- Sawshark: The unusual appearance of this shark's "nose" is to blame for its name. This shark uses the barbs on the end to slice up their prey like a professional swordsman!

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